Feeling broke?

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Feeling broke? - 11/07/13 05:09 PM

Here's why.

Makes me wanna occupy Wallstreet.
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Re: Feeling broke? - 11/07/13 05:26 PM

Well that was uplifting. smirk
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Re: Feeling broke? - 11/07/13 05:27 PM

Waddaya mean "Feeling"? There's a reason it's called "middle" class: Things in the middle get squeezed. eek
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Originally Posted By: yoyo52
Here's why.

Makes me wanna occupy Wallstreet.

More dismal still...

I Voted For ROSS
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"Occupy" would not be the verb I'd use!! mad

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I am probably repeating myself but I remember studying about Marxism in university and one critique about a fundamental flaw in Marxism / rise of the Proletariat etc. was that Marx never foresaw the rise of the middle class. Well the middle class is shrinking every year; in Japan even faster than the US I think. Japan once had the largest middle class (per capita) in the world. Those days are quickly fading.

Workers of the World Unite!
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Re: Feeling broke? - 11/08/13 10:40 AM

There are some things that are just screwed up. One example . Someone to mow a lawn. Not too many years ago a suburban home owner could get any kid to mow their lawn for $10. They would be happy to. They would even bring their own mower. Not now. Same sized lawn cost $40 . Kids can't be bothered fo that little of a sum when they can get more than that just by asking their mom.

A couple of years ago, I had a lady that came once a week to clean my house. She was here two hours. Worked steadily for that tine, cleaning my kitchen and two bathrooms and vacuuming my TV room and dining room and one bedroom .

One time while she was here, my lawn mow boys came. Mowed and trimmed ( along side the front of the house only) for $40. They were gone in 15 minutes. They had a riding lawn owner . Never broke a sweat, whereas the cleaning lady did.

The two boys got $40 for 15 minutes and she got $20 for two hours. She needed the money, they boys didn't really, as it was their dad's mower and trimmer.

Also, my grand daughter invited my house cleaner to her eleventh birthday party. She gave my grand daughter $11. It took her a whole hour to earn that $11 that my gran daughter just fluffed aside. I stopped my grand daughter and explained how hard she worked to give her that gift. I'm not sure my grand daughter would have appreciated it otherwise.

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Sorry for the rant but remembered another thing. A few years, about 4, I went to the mom and pop hardware store for a small two inch bolt with washer and nut. Just one. I was looking at his choices when he passed by and helped me find what I was looking for. He spent probably 6-7 minutes helping me. Then he took it to the checkout, rang it up for the grand total of 37. (Thirty seven cents for all that tine he spent with me)

Things are screwed up

I went to his store because at the only other place, WalfukkinMart, I would have had to buy a dozen for $4.
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Re: Feeling broke? - 11/08/13 11:25 AM

My son will cut your grass for $20 wink He loves saving up money for a car.

You had someone clean for $20? Wow...send her my way..she can clean my parent's house!

As for that video, just the title alone: So you think you've been getting raises at work every year for cost-of-living adjustments? Yeah, about that...

COLA? I haven't ever seen one of those type raises since I was in the army!
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A few years back, after I moved here, I was in between lawn mowers. My grass was in sincere need for a cut. A man walking by , saw my yard and asked to cut it for ten. He furnished the mower. Halfway through, the mower gave out. He had to get a different one. He finished it like he said.

He looked like he was in dire straights, and I don't mean music, and needed the money. I gave him $20