That damned Obamacare!

Posted by: MacBozo

That damned Obamacare! - 10/29/13 01:23 PM

It certainly is a failure! My daughter's insurance through her employer is going down by $250/month.
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Re: That damned Obamacare! - 10/29/13 06:53 PM


She is going to save $2,500 a year? Preposterous! Contact your congressman, senator, tv station, newspaper, GOP friends, and rant and rave

about how lucky she is!!
Posted by: DLC

Re: That damned Obamacare! - 10/29/13 07:30 PM

Fuzzy math - it's $3000 !!! laugh
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: That damned Obamacare! - 10/29/13 07:33 PM

She misfigured. It's $60/mo less and a better plan. grin
Posted by: DLC

Re: That damned Obamacare! - 10/29/13 08:28 PM

Progressive Friend of mine told me Fox had a segment on about a lady's insurance was going from $50 / month to $250 a month. Course they didn't check out details... seems the lady's policy had a $25,000 deductible and maxed out at $50K... i.e only catastrophic and even then limited (scam policy). Her new policy had standard deductible ($500) and had no upper limit + covered preventative, and many other things like mental health !! Apples & lemons.

Even so your daughter saves $720 / yr and has better coverage.

One thing ACA does is to prevent "scam policies" that the owner will probably NEVER use !! They must meet some minimum standards !! smirk
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Re: That damned Obamacare! - 10/29/13 09:21 PM

While there are items in the ACA that I'll never need/use
(Maternity coverage springs to mind roit off the bat... wink )

Same as paying a School Tax without benefit of children.
I pay the Tax without griping since I consider it an
investment for the betterment of the larger community.

At my age, I'm certain to be taking my share of general
coverage decades sooner than those kids... so I reckon
it'll all even out in the end. wink

I can live with that. smile
Posted by: DLC

Re: That damned Obamacare! - 10/29/13 11:27 PM

Forgot this story- it's TRUE !

A lady a TJC Professor knew worked in the Goodyear plant in Tyler for > 25 years. When she was 55, they closed the plant and moved it to Mexico! She lost her job and her insurance. About 9 months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer but had NO insurance and couldn't get any now because she has a pre-existing condition ! She DIED from it < 1 year later !! HAD she been >65, she could have been treated (under Medicare or Medicaid) and maybe survived, but at 56 she had NOTHING !! How fair is that ?? mad

Tell that one on Fox fscking News !!