Fornicating to death !!

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Fornicating to death !! - 10/18/13 09:35 PM

"For a few weeks each year, males will mate nonstop with as many females as they can, as often as possible. They'll screw wildly for hours on end, forgoing sleep and even food. Under the severe stress, their bodies begin to fail. They lose their fur, bleed internally, and develop gangrene. Eventually their immune systems will collapse and they'll die from infection or hemorrhaging."

Sounds like the TPers aka Cruz !! laugh

Interesting Article !

I put this here because I don't want to get slapped down for political statements in the Lounge.
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Re: Fornicating to death !! - 10/18/13 11:07 PM


Death or Bunda?

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Re: Fornicating to death !! - 10/18/13 11:51 PM

ROFLMAO !!!! laugh laugh laugh +5 !!!

Oh that was BAAAAAAD !!