New LOW for the GOTP !!!!

Posted by: DLC

New LOW for the GOTP !!!! - 10/15/13 01:45 PM

Just when you thought they couldn't do worse... they fooled you again !!

NEWS is being leaked that The House changed the House rules at the last minute to prevent ANY member from bringing up the Senate CR Bill for a vote. Boehner was worried if they did, it would pass keeping the Govt open.

Before Oct 1st, the standing Rule was that if the Senate passed a CR, ANY member of the House (D or R) could ask it be brought to a vote. Shortly before midnight on Sept 30 the House rules committee changed the rule so ONLY the Majority leader (Cantor) could do this because they knew someone in the House would raise the issue and they were afraid the Senate CR would pass and they'd lose any leverage. i.e they wanted to shut down the Govt and keep the Govt shutdown at their discretion !!

what Lying BASTIDS !! . . . "its all Obama's fault!!" sick

Maybe the GOTP is trying to get their approval ratings in single digits !! whistle

Posted by: steveg

Re: New LOW for the GOTP !!!! - 10/15/13 03:09 PM

Yup. Saw that last night on TRMS. I wish I could say it's unbelievable. But for this crew, it's SOP. No surprises at all.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: New LOW for the GOTP !!!! - 10/15/13 03:15 PM

Funny how the voting rules work, always in favor of the Reps. In the Senate you need a supermajority to take a bathroom break, and the Reps make that impossible. In the House a plain majority changes rules about when you can take a bathroom break, with the same result. I just hope that at some point the Dems get a majority in the House and apply the same rules to the Reps.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: New LOW for the GOTP !!!! - 10/15/13 05:12 PM

Fortunately (for America)
the Dems don't do "Tit for Tat"
...they just don't roll that way...