Posted by: steveg

Oy... - 10/02/13 10:49 AM

Good news: If stupidity is a pre-existing condition, it's covered now. eek
Posted by: DLC

Re: Oy... - 10/02/13 11:15 AM

Heard those yesterday.. couldn't believe those morons, but that shows how well people are NOT paying attention !

Sadly there's no medical procedure to correct being an imbecile !! NOT covered by Blue Cross ! wink

Double Oy !!!
Posted by: musicalmarv7

Re: Oy... - 10/02/13 11:19 AM

It is really pathetic how the American people do not know the difference between Obama Care and the Affordable Care Act.They are really confused with this!
Posted by: DLC

Re: Oy... - 10/02/13 11:59 AM

YES thanks to the GOTP and the likes of the Koch Brothers, Fox and many other conservatives who have LIED about the whole program !!

Death panels ! Illegals get free healthcare ! They're killing Jobs (he's already died) OK Bad joke !
Here's a great link Obamacare myths.