Obama is taking the heat to the TP and GOP

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Obama is taking the heat to the TP and GOP - 10/01/13 05:35 PM

Man, he's nailing them ! I know the blame is up for grabs, but he's really being pro-active in explaining in simple terms and examples WHY it happened, and who didn't want to work...citing dozens of Pubs that would have voted for a clean bill had Boehner had a vote on one ! BUT Boehner was not interested in a democratic (little d) process and never offered that chance.

I heard one Dem say yesterday that the Dems offered to take the GOP Budget as is if they'd just give them a "clean bill" and the GOP said NO ! the term compromise in NOT in the GOTP dictionary... or if it is, it reads "see capitulate" !! grin

It will be interesting to see if the Polls shift.

Also heard yesterday back in 1994, the GOP Congress was holding the stronger hand (face cards) going into the Shutdown confrontation because Clinton was at one of the weakest points in his Presidency (coming off the Hillary healthcare problems).Also remember in 1994, it was Clinton Vs. a GOP House and GOP Senate. In comparison, this GOP has only the House and is holding 2s, and 3s, while BO is in a much stronger position than Clinton was in 1994. In 1994 , Clinton came out of that confrontation and got a big boost in the Polls while the GOP got slammed. IF that scenario holds, how will this turn out ?? whistle
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Re: Obama is taking the heat to the TP and GOP - 10/01/13 05:50 PM

My prediction for upcoming GOP strategy: Once the narrative of "Obama & the democrats shut down the government" begins to fall flat, and blaming "Obamacare" for exploding the budget, they'll make a claim of victory that Obama pulled a bait-n-switch and is now promoting their Affordable Care Act that replaces his failed Obamacare. They'll claim the polls show overwhelming public support for their ACA plan and Obama was a failure with his tax & spend job-killing socialist Obamacare, now dead because of the GOP's firm resolve.

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Re: Obama is taking the heat to the TP and GOP - 10/01/13 06:03 PM

Hey with those Bastids... any twisted logic is possible.

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