My challenge to Ed Schultz

Posted by: steveg

My challenge to Ed Schultz - 09/25/13 09:53 PM

Just posted this on Ed's FB page:
First, Ed, so glad you're back on the weekday tube. YES!

Second, I have an idea: You often call out Repugnican lies and their authors. But the problem is, the people who believe those lies are watching Fox not MSNBC. I would love to see a serious simulcast debate (or a series of debates) between the on-air personalities of both networks. It's really you folks from whom the voters get their information. I'd love to see you and your colleagues got toe-to-toe with your counterparts from the right wing media and let intelligent viewers separate, for themselves, fact from flack.

Whaddaya say? Could this actually happen?
Can't wait to see if I get a response. eek
Posted by: DLC

Re: My challenge to Ed Schultz - 09/25/13 10:24 PM

Great idea but Fox will never agree... they'd be embarrassed as HLLL ... like a creationist debating evolution that doesn't know sheet about genetics !! laugh

Their "Game" would be UP !! Don't hold your breath Steve, but kudos for trying !! +1