Richest and Poorest States

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Richest and Poorest States - 09/25/13 04:18 PM

What's interesting to me is 4 of the 5 richest are all progressive states (and did not even include NY or CA !). Alaska is the exception, but I think it's an anomaly because it has very low population and lots of resources (oil). ALL of the poorest are very conservative states - most southern except for KY and WVa.

Coincidence ? whistle I don't think so... any one else ??

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Re: Richest and Poorest States - 09/25/13 04:45 PM

It's those damned welfare queens keeping them poor! crazy
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Re: Richest and Poorest States - 09/25/13 10:27 PM

Well states like KY (Mr Ran Paul & Mitch McConnell ) are "taker states"... they pay IN LESS $$ to the US Treasury than they TAKE OUT !! So Mr Paul & McConnell , want to be honest... send the $$ back to the US Treasury and quit being a Govt titty sucker !! laugh
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Location, location, location - 09/26/13 12:34 AM

I couldn't open your list so went to another source which may be different.

But Coming from a different perspective by living in the middle of the country

All but a couple of anomalies I see that location has an effect of it. Also area, throwing ot the anomalies . Alaska and Minnesota . All are small states, all among the first states, all close to the coast ( all first states were coastal) . Most close to Washington DC.

Agai, no coincidence.

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I was hoping for a list 1 to 50 of all states in order. Was there something like that you saw in your original link?
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Re: Location, location, location - 09/26/13 04:08 AM

This is the list I used. It has all 50

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Thank you. Interesting stuff. More detail than I expected. On a side note: I have always been fascinated by geography and as a kid I always thought it was cool that Alaska was by far the largest state but was also the least populated by a fair margin. I remember it passed up Wyoming quite a while back in population, but I didn't know it had by now "rocketed" up to 4th from last. Heh.
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Re-evaluation of Data ! - 09/26/13 09:54 PM

Re-evaluation ! whistle

Interesting of the TOP 13... 11 are blue states, 1 red and 1 Purple (mixed D / R)

OF the BOTTOM 13... 10 are Red, 1 Blue and 2 Purple. 9 of those 13 are in the South... except Montana, WVa, NMex, and OK.

Does this say something about the effectiveness conservative state governments ??

Texas, which you might think might be high, is #24 !! So much for big oil !!! frown
Maybe that's a Cruz and Ghomert curse !
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Re: Re-evaluation of Data ! - 09/27/13 01:28 AM

I also think people from lower income brackets (and therefore in poorer states) tend to be more conservative. I have no actually figures to back this up though.
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Re: Re-evaluation of Data ! - 09/27/13 06:26 PM

I think the politics is a result of the economy and not the inverse. I still say its location.

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Re: Re-evaluation of Data ! - 09/27/13 09:52 PM

I agree to a point, but politics... i.e. policy DOES affect the economy ! Don't know if it's really location or what resources are there.... hence AK is one of the richest...

How much we invest in education, infrastructure, R&D, etc. that can drive an economy... Texas is a lackey !! That's why Perry is out trying to steal business from other states. crazy

.... one reason WV is so poor is they have lots of coal (resource), but the companies pay workers crap, and for decades had NO rules on safety or pollution... people DIED because of the business done there... never educated their population - "WTF do they need to be educated to dig coal, a trained monkey can do that !?" wink