Grisham and the GOTP.

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Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/19/13 03:42 PM

In his book (also a movie) The Rainmaker, a novice attorney takes on an insurance case. A sleazy health insurance company repeatedly denies a legitimate claim that a mother keeps submitting for her son's lung illness (from which he eventually dies). At one point a heartless claims dept. VP writes a letter to the mother berating her over the denied claim, saying "You must be stupid, stupid, stupid."

Not only is the portrayal of the insurance company's attitude timely, but ironically his terse statement so totally applies to the House Repugnican Caucus.

42 votes to repeal or defund the AFA. 0 votes on jobs. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. mad
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Re: Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/19/13 04:34 PM

But, but, but, the ACA is a jobs killer, dontcha know? wink
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Re: Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/19/13 04:36 PM

Got an automated phone call this morning trying to scare me about Obamacare and its affect on Medicare.

GOTP: Spreading fear and misinformation 24/7.
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Re: Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/19/13 04:56 PM

Nothing worse than a failed-train-wreck-of-a jobs-killing-law-authored-by-a-non-'merican-fraudulent-socialist-commie-Al-Qaeda-lovin'-impeachable-other. crazy
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Re: Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/19/13 08:56 PM

When I see words like Repugnicans, Teapublicans etc. - all great - I still wish there was a word that is basically accurate, and vaguely snobbish and dismissive like the Goppers have: the Democrat Party. They can use it in public, with a sneer and still claim a veneer of respectability, while villifying at the same time.
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Re: Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/20/13 12:03 AM

Any seen that slanderous TV ad with the Uncle Sam caricature & the pregnant woman- (or maybe she's just going in for a PAP) ? mad

I can't believe it's so brazen and BAD ! Guess the Clinton Biden ACA tour was making some traction !!

Well I volunteer for AARP and have several events coming up with Srs... I'm loaded for bear ! Can't wait to enlighten on the ACA ...

BUT the GOP KNOWS if ACA goes into effect and lasts very long past Oct 1, 2013, it's "GAME OVER !!" for their lies -- this may be the last act of desperation !!
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Re: Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/20/13 10:22 AM

I don't know how the right missed this, but especially the ad with the woman boomerangs right back on their attack on women's reproductive rights. It's either stupidity or delusion, Or both!
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Re: Grisham and the GOTP. - 09/20/13 04:38 PM

They "missed" it because everything the leadership does right now is an emotional, knee-jerk reaction... no thought, no logic... crazy

Bachmann - Ghomert are their icons for their SOP !!

I'm like you- GO FOR IT !!! grin

Good reference for ACA (Obamacare) LIES ...