Kerry testifying

Posted by: yoyo52

Kerry testifying - 09/04/13 05:13 PM

The irony of Kerry, Vietnam War antagonist, testifying to begin a new front in the war on Islam (that is how it will be perceived, I think) is rich. But at lunch the TV in the cafe was playing the hearing, and there was Kerry, with a sea of blood-red-dyed hands in the background, all up in the air behind him.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Kerry testifying - 09/04/13 05:19 PM

It shouldn't be perceived as a continuing war on Islam, since both sides of Syria's civil war are Islam. Using chemical weapons on your own people (or on an "enemy") is not acceptable. This a lose-lose situation no matter what is, or is not, done.
Posted by: DLC

Re: Kerry testifying - 09/04/13 05:35 PM

Yeah Kerry is kind of out of place...

as Ran Paul said, he should ask, "Are you willing to be the 1st to die for a lost cause?" Course we won't have boots on the ground there, but some Civs could be killed.

The only thing I think worth hitting if you do anything at all, is their oil depots & refineries (pocketbook) and hold the rest as a deterrent. Otherwise, walk away !! Just going to make a bad situation- worse !
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Kerry testifying - 09/04/13 07:34 PM

Herman Munster never belonged
there In The First Place!

Susan Rice had been slated to be SoS...
...until the you-know-whos fudged it up!