Hate the' "letter"-words'

Posted by: MrB

Hate the' "letter"-words' - 09/04/13 01:46 AM

I suppose I'm all alone on this but I'm really tired of media and others calling something a " 'letter' - word" instead of just coming right out and stating the word. We are all humans and know the score. To me it just sounds lame.

On CNN right now they have two sub headlines with "N-word" in them. What what!

Instead of stating the word and upsetting people they use the the first letter then "word" .

I think others understand what I'm saying as there is this movie about a community softball league where oneof the white players is continually gigging a Black friend on racial jokes.in oneof them he starts it off with " A rabi , a priest and an N-word walk into a bar...."

I don't know what to call it. Why do it. .

Are we going to end up using the expression "mother F-worder"?

Posted by: six_of_one

Re: Hate the' "letter"-words' - 09/04/13 04:43 AM

Are we going to end up using the expression "mother F-worder"?

We are if we wish to continue to make a distinction of respectful discussion. The reason CNN used "the n-word" vs. outright "n!gger" is an attempt to respect at least part of their audience. The same way "mother F-worder" might be an attempt to not lower everyday conversation to a litany of swearing.

Now, if the conversation is specifically *about* a derogatory word or phrase (see above, auto-censor notwithstanding), I can see your point. Otherwise, why encourage the use of one by making it more pedestrian?
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Hate the' "letter"-words' - 09/04/13 05:04 AM

Uh.. yeah.. sure. That's just what I want my daughter to see on the tv as she begins learning the English language,
"Daddy... what's n!gger and mother fncker? I just saw it on tv."

Nothing honey... now shut the fnck up... daddys watching the news.

Posted by: Celandine

Re: Hate the' "letter"-words' - 09/04/13 04:17 PM

It's meant to designate that the word
has been set aside as a social tabu.

...pretty much a verbal...

I suppose we'll have to live with it
until the word itself is dropped from
common usage, and those who use it
are stigmatized by it's very utterance.

until it goes the way of The "P" Joke. laugh