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PBS Newshour - 09/02/13 11:11 PM

The Newshour rebroadcast a piece they put on a while ago about how wonderful it would be if people worked five or more years beyond the regular retirement age. They had a 101 year old woman who was working at an assembly line--an outlier, as they say because the other examples were a college professor and a business man who started up a consulting firm when he was laid off at age 65. No reference to people who sweat their way to an all too brief retirement at the regular retirement age. But what galled me most is that they chose to broadcast this piece on labor day. Sure it's great that some people wish to continue to work, but to suggest that it's somehow a patriotic duty to work till you drop--that's pure shinola, as far as I'm concerned. The implication of the piece, not stated but certainly not too far under the surface, is that we have a great retirement system, so long as no one retires.

I don't understand why, on Labor Day, they did not broadcast a piece on what would happen to Social Security if the 113,000 income limit were erased. Paul Solman said that if everyone works till age 71 or 72, we'd halve Social Security's cash flow problem. Well, what would happen if the 113,000 limit were lifted? No one ever says anything about that limit, or what getting rid of it would do.
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I'm with you YoYo ! Plus after 65-66 you can draw SS AND work too... so how would that save the Govt $$ ?? I guess you'd be paying some in.... but minimal compared to your SS check.

According to the SS Admin, IF you live to your predicted age (statistics) it does NOT matter if you draw early, on time, or Late - you'll still get the SAME amount of $ !! Read that on line and a SS officer confirmed it... so that story was a piece of BS !!

They can fix the system until 2100 if they want but it would mean taxing the rich at the same rate as the working stiff !! Like you said, lift the $113,000 cap !

I will say 1 thing the "working Joe" has just about had enough from these clowns...I'm referring to the fast food workers strike... and others will follow.

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One of my colleagues at work is what I guess you'd call a neo-con. He was a Berkeley radical back when, and now he's a conservative, so that's what makes a neo-con. For some reason we got into a discussion about the race riots of the 60s, and he claimed that nowadays if the same thing happened, the rioters would be killed by the forces of truth and justice. He's probably right. But my point in response was that we shouldn't expect race riots--that's what Rush Windbag and his kin are scaremongering. We should think about class riots. Except I don't think they'd be riots until the forces of truth and justice attacked the demonstrations. Police riot--much worse now, I'd expect, than they used to be when the whole world was watching.
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Re: PBS Newshour - 09/03/13 09:49 AM

Plus after 65-66 you can draw SS AND work too...
If you wait 'till 66 to take your full benefit, you can continue to pull a paycheck, too. The first $25K is tax-exempt (SS + comp), and anything more is subject to income tax.
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We would all perish including me. I depend on my SS benefits to survive with my wife.
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Re: PBS Newshour - 09/04/13 04:37 PM

I just need a great deal of patience to survive with my wife! laugh
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I plan to start drawing SS at 66 (a little more than 3 years away) and cutting back to part-time at work. I just can't see myself hanging around the house full time.
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Re: PBS Newshour - 09/04/13 05:38 PM

You got that right... MacB ! Good plan !!

Hanging around the house all day, every day just ensures a murder will be committed by someone ! wink