birth abroad

Posted by: lanovami

birth abroad - 08/24/13 11:04 PM

So, don't know if this made the rounds but Ted Cruz released his birth certificate recently. Trying to get any of that business out of the way early.

The problem is, he hold on "natural born citizenship" is more tenuous than most. Born in Canada to a foreigner and an American who had lived extensively outside the US. There will likely be an investigation at some point about how long his mother was in the US before he was born.

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Posted by: garyW

Re: birth abroad - 08/25/13 12:15 AM

TeaParty darling Ted Cruz is not going to be president.

(Ted Cruz IS eligible to be President of the United States. Encourage him to run and help end the GOP.)

Posted by: MacBozo

Re: birth abroad - 08/25/13 02:30 AM

Cruz has no qualms with dropping the "compassionate" from "conservative."
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Re: birth abroad - 08/25/13 02:53 AM

Originally Posted By: MacBozo
Cruz has no qualms with dropping the "compassionate" from "conservative."

yeah and substituting constipated !!! wink
(you know - full of that smelly brown stuff !)
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Re: birth abroad - 08/25/13 10:08 AM

Gawd I hope he runs in the primaries. And I hope he wins the nomination. Bwhahahahahahahaaaaaaa....
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Re: birth abroad - 08/25/13 10:40 AM

Ted Cruz will never be the president of the U.S.He is to right winged to start with and has to many things against him to be a leader of this country.
Posted by: DLC

Re: birth abroad - 08/25/13 10:13 PM

ONLY question.... How do you know he was born ??

He might have been hatched, slithered from under a rock, .... or conjured up from the bowels of E'LL or something !!! wink

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Re: birth abroad - 08/25/13 11:35 PM

of course it would-have-been no-big-deal...
...had "THEY" not pulled the "Birther" BS
on President Barack H. Obama.

"Instant Karma's Gonna' Git'chu!"
~ J. Lennon r.i.p.