Another one

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Another one - 07/15/13 04:30 PM

Another acquittal on the way.
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Originally Posted By: yoyo52

The list is getting longer;

1) Driving While Black
2) Walking While Black
3) Listening To Music While Black

Hopefully some Gandhi-esque good
will come from all this.

There's just too much of this
going on for people to ignore/deny
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While I abhor cars with loud "music" -bum-ba-bum-bum BASS that makes your eardrums hurt.... that's NO reason to open fire or shoot someone... This is another illustration why everyone carrying guns isn't good. WHAT do you think those teens are going to try to do now (after being fired upon) ?? Next time there could be several deaths !!

Oh that's just what I want - our streets to turn into daily "Gunfights at the OK Corral " !!!! eek

If Karl Malden were still around, ... I can see him doing commercials for kevlar - "DON"T leave home without it !! " laugh
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Saw part of Death Wish 4 last night with Charles Bronson. LMAO.
Only one I've ever seen, and was obviously WAY over the top, but EVERYBODY had guns.
Couldn't help but think that CB was actually a visionary. grin

What a horrible movie.
Some like to blame video games for violence, but movies like this get people pumped up too.

I know, I know, but I've been with (ex) friends after watching a Schwarzenegger movie, and they turned into rabid animals, foaming at the mouth, ready to look for a fight on a Saturday night.

Am I getting old?
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Death Wish 1 and maybe 2 were pretty good. CB did a great job, but like movies once you get to #3, 4, and 5 they get stale and silly !!

BUT CB was 1 man "on a mission" (mythical at that)... if everyone does it, it get f-ing crazy very quickly !! I guess we just have to let it take its course and when the streets run red with innocent blood, maybe the knuckleheads will wake up... Congress too ! wink

I have yet to hear the dozens of stories where some "good guy" with a gun intercepted some "Bad guy" with a gun or saved many lives.... do they just not report it, or is it as rare as it appears ?? crazy
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I have yet to hear the dozens of stories where some "good guy" with a gun intercepted some "Bad guy" with a gun or saved many lives...

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Usually if a gun owner stops a crime there is little media about it.

but here are some

But after two were killed but before more might have been

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I was sure there were a few cases, Dave, but 2 of those are > 10 years old.
MY question is do the benefits outweigh the risks of many carrying guns. IF someone is carrying a gun they are more apt to use it... they may be sane and fine today, but what about 5- 10 years down the road. Or if they're stressed by some personal situation?

I just think the "old wild west" attitude doesn't work. There were sound legitimate reasons they had you check your guns when you went into town back then. And even back then many needed guns because police forces weren't around, there were varmints to protect yourself against, to hunt for food, survival of the fittest, ... many good reasons to carry a gun. Yet even then you couldn't take them into many towns. I just deem this idiocy by the NRA and gun sellers to make a bigger profit.
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It certainly means that one needs to consider the ramifications. But, all hysteria aside on both sides, I think one will find that very few homicides are committed by those who carry with permit. The places that are jungles with many homicides are by those with illegal guns or carrying with out permit. In Kansas, we have open carry . Meaning I could carry my gun strapped openly without concealment. I don't have a ccp so I can't carry it hidden.

With that, I can't rember when I've seen anyone with a gun on them. Unless they were hunting. So it really isn't a big deal in Kansas. We can have a gun in our vehical concealed but who goes looking at people in their car.

It's not the "Wild West" . Truly, it is quite safe to come to Kansas, in spite of having Sam Brownback as governor (a little wink)

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I'll say this now before it happens.
My Broither-in-law (LL) can carry and has a license. BUT he got that a few years ago when he was more sane- rational, before his wife passed away. Now he's become more bitter and hateful.. so much so my other BIL (AM) who lives across the street from him is getting a weapon because he FEARS him. crazy

LL will die by that gun someday... mark my words. Either he'll use it on someone and get shot in the process, or someone (stranger) will shoot him when he goes on one of his anger tantrums. (He's an icon for road rage.) That's a problem with gun ownership & licenses to carry - once you get a license or gun - you only have to renew... never be mentally tested again. Hence you get judgmental idiots like Zimmerman.

Guess my BIL - LL being a Christian forgot the old passage " Live by the sword- Die by the sword" ! crazy

I'll post when it happens (NOT wishing for it, but it's like an approaching train - hard NOT to see it coming !) frown