Another Trayvon Martin question

Posted by: MrB

Another Trayvon Martin question - 07/13/13 03:06 AM

Over the last year, we've heard about Ben Crump, the Martin "family" attorney . Just who are his clients?

I ask this because Trayvon's mother and father are not even a "family". They are divorced and at least his father has another household. Does his mother also. Do his parents have other children, giving him half siblings or step siblings.

This isn't important in the verdict but will be when they go for civil charges to get some money.

Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: Another Trayvon Martin question - 07/13/13 06:13 AM


I am still "family" with my ex and children. We celebrate holidays together and remain friendly. We enjoy each other's company. If there were any money to be had by my ex, I would not expect or want any of it. He has been married and divorced again. Raised three of that ex-wife's children.

If wife #2 wanted to try and get money -- her problem, not mine.

I would leave that money struggle to the Martins and do not want to know how it ends up. Their business the way I see it.

I am a few blocks around the corner from being "poor." Thing is, I'm happy, have what I need, and loving family and friends. Money would put a crimp in my life. I've always known I never really wanted to win a big lottery. Didn't stop me from buying tickets though. It is fun to imagine winning, always knowing my chances were like a snowball in h e double toothpick.

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Re: Another Trayvon Martin question - 07/13/13 09:37 AM

What happened to Atty Crump anyway? This whole trial about T. Martin is really now up in the air as hopefully the jury will make the right decision soon.