Who knew?

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Who knew? - 07/12/13 03:12 PM

Other than the Shadow and Rachel Maddow, that is. Apparently the feds ran a surplus for April of 113 billion buckaroos, and then again in June another surplus of 117 billion. Go figure.
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Re: Who knew? - 07/12/13 03:15 PM

It's Boneher's fault. wink
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Re: Who knew? - 07/12/13 04:30 PM

IMPEACH OBAMA !!! whistle
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Re: Who knew? - 07/12/13 11:34 PM

Alternative reality if Romney had won and done nothing since January . Screaming headlines that Republican leadership under the businessman know-how of President Romney not only fixed the Federal deficit problem, he gave us record stock prices due to the extreme confidence of Wall Street and main street and gave us higher than expected job growth and a manufacturing and housing market boom!!! Republicans rule!

Reality check: <crickets> with headlines to come, "House GOP forces Debt Limit Crisis" demanding major cuts and repeal of Obamacare and our credit rating falls due to Obama's failed leadership.