Just wondering

Posted by: MacBozo

Just wondering - 06/01/13 01:28 PM

The religious wrong has stated that Florida got hit with hurricanes because Disney World admitted gays. I wonder what they will say, if anything, about Oklahoma.
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Re: Just wondering - 06/01/13 04:05 PM

I think Mr. Robertson has already weighed in--those poor people didn't pray enough.

I gotta say, it's one hell of a nasty god that Mr. Robertson envisions. Think about what he said about the Haitian earthquake--retribution from something that's alleged to have happened over 200 years ago.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Just wondering - 06/01/13 04:12 PM

Can't wait for God to come out. Their heads will explode! shocked laugh
Posted by: garyW

Re: Just wondering - 06/01/13 05:03 PM

Originally Posted By: steveg
Can't wait for God to come out.

You missed the Liberace movie?

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Re: Just wondering - 06/02/13 02:49 PM

Or, if you send all of your money to him, he will pray for you. wink
Posted by: MrB

Re: Just wondering - 06/03/13 04:07 AM

Pat Robertson... There is a use for a bullet

You didn't see me write that cry

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Re: Just wondering - 06/03/13 06:09 AM

Robertson has predicted a specified time for the end of the world twice. Needless to say, both times, the world did not end.

1982 and 2007
Posted by: musicalmarv7

Re: Just wondering - 06/03/13 10:28 AM

Most of these religious fanatics are a bunch of nuts!
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Just wondering - 06/03/13 02:08 PM

Fret not......he'll have his
"come-up'ins" when the time comes.

* comeuppance
Posted by: MrB

Re: Just wondering - 06/03/13 10:06 PM

Robertson is just out to make money by scamming the public. He is using their religion to do it. To me that makes him pretty low.