Gun control?

Posted by: MacBozo

Gun control? - 05/28/13 10:23 PM

While on vacation, my wife and I stopped by a local flea market between Wise and Pound, VA. Among the "vendors" were about a half dozen folks selling weapons from the back of their pickup trucks. I only saw one Bushmaster and it was in a locked display case. 99% of the weapons were single shot rifles and shotguns - mostly 22s and a couple of 30.06s; 410 gauge and a couple of 12 gauge. I even saw several bolt action 22s like the one my dad had and I've fired a few times. Up there in the hills and hollers, you do need something to defend against marauding wildlife and snakes and the occasional drug runner and ne'er do well. I don't see any way that that kind of weapons selling can be adequately controlled without a police presence at all outdoor flea markets/yard sales. That could get to be very expensive. In addition, since the overwhelming majority of weapons I saw for sale were not crowd killers, I don't really think that controlling those is a high priority in rural areas. It seems that high capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons are an urban problem rather than a rural "problem."
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Re: Gun control? - 05/28/13 11:12 PM

Interesting and an interesting pespective. It's great that you see so many sides of the issue and don't just scream - this has got to be controlled!! Most more liberally minded people I know are just that liberally minded, looking at issues with an open mind. Now the other side is, in my open minded opinion, a bunch of close-minded ignorami, but that is another thread. smile
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Re: Gun control? - 05/29/13 12:27 AM


My take on those who collect, shoot, hunt, or their wise buy guns are for the largest extent just normal people. They are not bat shiit crazy. Of there re some of those but there are some of those in every demographic.

We had guns on the farm, rifles and shotguns. Every body did in rural Kansas . No one ( loose term here) even considered shooting up the place.

Same kinda people now.

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Re: Gun control? - 05/29/13 12:38 AM

I have no problem with guns- single shot, bolt, etc... but none that can hold nor fire 6-10 shots without reloading. Semi-automatics, automatics, and 30 round clips have NO place on the street ! I think we compromise ALL our safety when we allow them, not to mention police and first responders ! You don't need 20 rounds to kill a damm snake you could probably outrun ! wink
(or out jump !) laugh