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Yeesh! - 03/14/13 01:47 AM

There's a big flap in OH these days because the good Gov. Kasich wants to tax advertising services as part of his new budget. Needless to say, neither ad agencies nor clients are happy about this. In fact Minnesota just tried the same thing and the Gov. had to back down in the face of much backlash.

This Friday afternoon, I'm participating in an American Advertising Federation conference call with ad peeps from all over OH to discuss plans to beat down this initiative. I emailed all of my clients to ask for their views so I'd have that POV to bring to the call. I included among them the Tea Party nutcase whose account I resigned months ago because I thought he'd have an interesting opinion being the tax-averse conservative he is. Oh yah. It was interesting alright:
My point of view is this - if you are going to have entitlement programs out the wazoo and close to 50,000,000 people collecting food stamps needless to say they are necessarily going to have to tax everything up to and probably including the air that we breathe.
We need to stop taxing the earners to support those who don't feel like earning to pay for themselves.

What was strikingly ironic a/b this was that I was reading it while watching Ed Schultz's interview with the 47% videographer. Hearing Romney's words almost like a voice-over to this email was a whole new kick in the gut!

I replied to him thusly: "I'll take that with a grain of Tea." grin
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Originally Posted By: steveg
I replied to him thusly: "I'll take that with a grain of Tea." grin

how about a bag of tea ! wink

Well I'm not surprised... course they ignore that their man Bush threw millions out of work and out of homes with his economic BS and no oversight !! With No job what are they supposed to do ? "Eat cake?" blush

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Greedy bastid!
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You know, he probably doesn't even realize that the waitperson at his favorite restaurant, the McDonalds employee, the Wal*Mart cashier are all getting Food Stamps because they don't get a living wage and that they work equally, if not more, hard than he does. mad