Head, butt, or mouth?

Posted by: steveg

Head, butt, or mouth? - 02/08/13 11:13 PM

Which is fatter?

Apparently Gov. Christie called the doctor who commented on his weight, and he proved beyond question that he's not taking responsibility for his obesity. I'm not implying that he's overweight by choice. Self-deprication is a useful tool to diffuse external criticism. Gawd knows I've used it all my life to deal with being vertically challenged in a 6'+ world. But it still doesn't mean one has the will or self-discipline to confront the issue and deal with it productively.

Though the doctor's remark about him dying in office was over the top, she is none-the-less uniquely qualified to render a professional medical opinion. And instead of whining that his 12 y-o was upset by that comment and telling the good Dr. to "shut up", The Gov. should have promised his kid that he would immediately start taking steps to prevent that from happening.

I find Christie refreshingly candid and a Republican with whom I can respectfully disagree and even agree with on occasion. But he has to learn the difference bwtn leadership and bullyship. Until then, his butt, his head, and his mouth are all too fat to fit through the door to the Oval Office.
Posted by: carp

Re: Head, butt, or mouth? - 02/09/13 03:53 AM

Mariano said. I think Im qualified to make a comment.

Plus she is a republican quack as well. laugh