Hickok45 on gun culture

Posted by: MrB

Hickok45 on gun culture - 02/06/13 06:23 AM

Hickok45 is the Id of a prolific maker of videos on shooting. He has some of the most informative available on the features of differen models.

He was asked to put his thoughts out to the recent activity. He expresses it much like I've tried to but he is much more knowledgable .

This is a long video of about 30 minutes and he doesn't fire any guns. He explains the gun culture pretty well.


To see how this man can control a gun check out his other videos.

Posted by: carp

Re: Hickok45 on gun culture - 02/08/13 04:11 AM

I watched the whole thing.

Well . . . . he is preaching to the gun culture choirs. These would be;

1 - People who actually hunt with guns.
2 - People who target shoot.
3 - People who have guns for personal justification.

NO mention of the culture of gun owners who use guns for (crimes) - these are your drug lords , gang bangers , Thuds , robbers , and just plain murderers. <-- they are NOT insane. However are the reason for the bulk of US gun deaths.

He keeps talking about it is not a GUN issue but rather a insane issue <-- wrong on both counts.

The real issue is;
The wrong people are getting guns far far to easy and this includes the insane people too. So we have to take the murder tool of choice away = well at lease make it more difficult to get that tool.