No one's posted-- Filibuster rule

Posted by: DLC

No one's posted-- Filibuster rule - 01/25/13 07:44 PM

I can't believe Harry Reid caved in**... OMG this is going to be a disaster !!

** then again I can- I always thought he was a "milk-toast" !! mad
What a "female anatomy" !!!
And McConnell is sitting there like a Cheshire cat !! mad
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Re: No one's posted-- Filibuster rule - 01/25/13 08:34 PM

Last night, Ed Schultz outdid Chris Matthews in the heart attack department. IMHO, Reid damn near invalidated Obama's re-election. And Sharrod Brown wimped out on his position, too, with crap like Well, it's progress and Gee, we can't get anything through the House anyway, so does it really matter? Bullsh!t.
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Re: No one's posted-- Filibuster rule - 01/25/13 08:56 PM


I thought Ed was close to a fatal attack right in front of me! Wow was he maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

DLC, you might want to read Matthew Filipowicz, Daily KOS. He says Harry is not a Wimp and I think when you get down to the end of the piece, you'll get his meaning wink

That's, my progressive friends, is the real Harry Reid.

He's not a wimp. He's not afraid to fight. Just what he's fighting for and what progressives are fighting for are two different things.

You want to know what Jeff Merkley had the gall to do? He said on a conference call with activists that these are the Democratic Senators you should focus your attention on.

How dare he, right?!? How dare Jeff Merkley engage with progressive activists to attempt to advance the progressive agenda?
How dare he let them know who may be against filibuster reform?

According to Harry Reid, Democracy is about the deals that the powerful elite make behind closed doors. It's not about voters, or activists, or god forbid, actually getting legislation passed.

By the way, according to Merkley, the Senators who were on the fence were: Carl Levin, Max Baucus, Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, Barbara Boxer, Mark Pryor

So, Harry Reid is not alone.

And, most importantly Harry Reid is not a wimp.

We don't have filibuster reform because he and a few of establishment Democrat pals didn't want it, and are perfectly happy with the status quo of getting nothing done.

Democrats have no problem standing up, as long as it's progressives who they're standing up to.

I read around the internet "Reid himself, an institutionalist, wanted a bipartisan deal"

Then to try and understand that I found:

Institutionalism in political parties: an approach that sees political parties as having some capacities for adaptation, but also sees them as being "prisoners of their own history as an institution".

I feel Reid thinks if he continues to try and play fair, others will play fair too! Not so with these Republicans. I think Obama trys to be same fair guy and just keeps getting pelted with tomatoes and eggs for his efforts.

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Re: No one's posted-- Filibuster rule - 01/25/13 09:22 PM

Thanks for the reference. I was watching Ed too... I thought he was going to clutch his chest and scream " WENDY ! It's the big one !" wink

Reid did serious damage, don't know if he realized it. They'll get next to nada done...Interesting to see on a Budget because if they don't get one, they supposedly don't get Paid ! (House deal) and we'll see if THAT really happens too !
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Re: No one's posted-- Filibuster rule - 01/25/13 10:51 PM

If Reid would have gone nuclear with the filibuster reform the dems would get what they want in the Senate only.

McConnell likely threatened to turn the same reformed Senate rules on the Dems if/when they take the Senate. The seats up in the air in 2014 could shift the majority to them. He probably also threatened to let the teaparty have their way in strangling the House.

I think Reid and McConnell cut a personal deal, one that is based on personal trust ( laugh ) that goes something like this: Senate republicans will cooperate and not continue the abuse of the filibuster to bring bills to the floor for debate, and maybe even pull back on certain bills to allow them to continue for a vote . specifically on areas of immigration reform and gun control. Dems get major legislation through the Senate. McConnell leans on Boehner to isolate teaparty nuts into oblivion. This way the republicans will seem to be more willing to act bipartisan on legislation that helps them in the midterm elections, that's their only concern.

Don't like it one bit. Reid can't trust McConnell, I beleive that. But McConnell must have had some serious sh!t to unleash that made this limp compomise the better option.