Note to Boehner

Posted by: MacBozo

Note to Boehner - 01/24/13 05:53 PM

President Obama and the Democrats don't have to try to annihilate the Republican Party. You're doing quite well on your own.
Posted by: DLC

Re: Note to Boehner - 01/24/13 06:53 PM

Eggs-actly !! grin

It would't look quite so obvious if the GOP would take off their kamikaze scarfs !!
Posted by: carp

Re: Note to Boehner - 01/25/13 06:00 PM


I can hear it now.
Bonzai ! Bonzai ! ! Bonzai ! ! !
Posted by: steveg

Re: Note to Boehner - 01/26/13 06:17 AM

It's embarrassing already. The don't get it. And they don't get that they don't get it. Need proof? Rience and Repeat! The clown that presided over devastating losses in 2012 for the Repugnicans gets re-elected as Chair? WTF? Even Michael Steel commented on it, saying he was vilified and fired for the right's sweep in 2010, and Preibus gets rewarded for complete buffoonery!

Jindal's characterization, The Party of Stupid barely scratches the surface.
Posted by: DLC

Re: Note to Boehner - 01/26/13 04:10 PM

Well he only said that Steve because the whole audience had Dunce caps on !! grin
They looked like a Shriners convention with pointed hats !
AND He was playing to the cavem crowd !!

Posted by: steveg

Re: Note to Boehner - 01/27/13 03:08 AM

Well, in that case, he should have said "stoopit". shocked