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Seriously? - 01/12/13 02:13 AM

From a Facebook post:

Ok America it is time to wake up I believe the government has spoken and in about 3 and one half years we are going to be living in the United States of Socialism, and if you do not believe me than do a little more reading in your Bibles because Satan is out and he is in the White House.

The more these people keep speaking, the more likely we'll have stronger gun control laws. This is another one to add to the insane persons data base that another loony tunes suggested.
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Re: Seriously? - 01/12/13 02:36 AM

MacBozo... you must not be going down the same rabbit holes I have... because I see that stuff almost daily.
Even on FB from a couple of cousins... although not as bad as most of the ones I am referring to...
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Re: Seriously? - 01/12/13 03:43 AM

MY question is, WHAT socialism? WHAT are we changing to be socialism ?

Obamacare ? Are the Drs still private? Are the hospitals still private? Is Insurance still private ? WTF is the socialism ?? They're yelling "Fire" in a theater when there isn't any !!! mad
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Re: Seriously? - 01/12/13 12:21 PM

No sh!t. I've got a cousin in MO. He became a Christian Jew way back when we were both in college, and he long ago went the whole nine yards and then some to the Evangelical right. You should see some of the screed he posts on FB! eek
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Re: Seriously? - 01/12/13 04:45 PM

There isn't even a theatre.
Everything is in their wee minds.
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Re: Seriously? - 01/12/13 05:12 PM

Yep . . . wee minds and pea brains !! wink

BUT with the advent of nano-biology we now can begin to examine them !! laugh
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LOL, very cute !