A real horror show

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A real horror show - 01/05/13 04:44 AM

Read, weep, and put your money under the mattress.
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Re: A real horror show - 01/05/13 12:49 PM

And it's across the board. Even the local and regional banks are sleazy. Last year, I hitched a ride on the Move your money into a local bank wave. I closed out my personal and business accounts at PNC (now the 5th largest bank in the U.S.), and opened accounts at Huntington Bank, a regional institution. I recently discovered that the so-called "business banking specialist" that opened my accounts for me flat out lied about some of the T & Cs, and badly misrepresented others. Nothing that has harmed me in any way yet, but serious enough for me to consider returning to PNC.

I don't understand why the worst and biggest players are not in prison or were at least tried in federal court.
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Originally Posted By: steveg
I don't understand why the worst and biggest players are not in prison or were at least tried in federal court.

The GOP is protecting their tax cuts !! It's all about the $ flow !! (I know you know this.)

I actually favor a treasure chest buried in the back yard over a mattress... latter is too easy to find. blush
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Thats the thing , people liked big banks because of the perceived security and since they had big profits , services should be free ? Yet last year , B of A wanted to charge their customers a fee just for having a debt card <-- wtf ?

Like you I switched from a large regional bank (after a run in) to a tiny credit union bank.

What the run in was at the regional was , when I was laid off for 3 years. I would just sign over my UI checks to my daughter to deposit into her bank because she had to make up the difference to pay the rent and other bills - what I did not know was the regional would (auto) close your account if there is no activity for 3 months ? - wtf.

Anyway , they not only closed my account without warning they also charge me a Fee for closing my account . Now not knowing that they had closed my account (which had a few hundred still in it), I wrote 2 paper checks which was below 100 bucks , which now bounced , so now I had to pay a fee to both the bank and the vendors for the bounced checks.

New tiny credit union;

Free checking , no balance minimum -> regional, free checking with 250 balance minimum - 5 buck monthly charge below that.

Free check books - regional free only with 500 minimum checking balance

Free direct payroll deposit - regional 2 buck charge per auto deposit.

Free online banking - regional free also.

Free online Bill payment - regional free but complex to set up, went with 3rd party solution.

Cons; with a small bank ? I found none so far and they provide more free services - however mine has only 3 branches on the island but since I have direct deposit and bank online , I have no reason to go into the bank and stand inline. Well I do have that once a year bonus check that is (live) but I give that to my Gal to deposit - LOL.