31 Cowards!

Posted by: Mike

31 Cowards! - 12/18/12 11:04 AM

Thirty one pro-gun rights senators were invited to NBC's 'Meet the Press'. Not one of them showed up!
I say publish a list of their names and the amount of $$ they got from the NRA!

31 No Shows
Posted by: steveg

Re: 31 Cowards! - 12/18/12 12:04 PM

My advice for all those who have blamed the Sandy Hook Massacre on things like not enough God or guns in our schools; the teaching of evolution; homosexuality; same-sex marriage; etc.: Tear up your organ donor cards (if you have them). They are of no value.

You have no hearts
Your lungs are deficient, resulting in brain damage
You have lost your souls
You are, in the face of the NRA, gutless

No charge for the consultation.