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Krugman - 12/14/12 05:17 AM

If you're interested in the recession and HOW to get out of it- you need to read Krugman's End this Depression, Now ! Very insightful book.

I won't give it away (though it's not rocket science - most of you can probably guess the way to fix it) however I'm becoming more convinced the GOP KNOWS how to fix it and is going 180 degrees the opposite direction to fsck BO and try to regain power. Anyone who believes their austerity BS is not paying attention !! GO look how well it's not working in the UK !!

BO needs to enlist the people and steam roller over them !! grin

a little factoid: After WWII we had a $270 billion debt, it was 120% of GDP, and the same dogma we hear now was being played- austerity, cut , cut, cut !! However the Govt continued to spend (GI bill, FHA Housing, etc) and the resulting BOOM cut our National debt to 60% GDP in < 5 years. The debt continued to grow but the GDP grew much faster. Our current situation is very similar. (Arte Johnson voice) . . . verrr-ry in-ter-est-tinc !! wink
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Re: Krugman - 12/14/12 10:58 AM

Why is the Republicans so dam stubborn?
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Re: Krugman - 12/14/12 01:31 PM

Easy answer: they want to gain more power, so like McConnell said if they sink BO they think they can get it. Problem is they have to sink the whole country with him, and too many people are onto that BS. (aka election results) That's also why Boehner's approval is 20% !! while BOs is in the 50s% !!
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Re: Krugman - 12/15/12 02:57 PM

Power is the name of the game I see now.Boehner will do anything to get another chance to become house speaker even if it makes the seniors and middle class and poor defenseless financially.