I apologize for this post

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I apologize for this post - 12/08/12 01:43 PM




Are there any major differences in the pictures in these links. I think not. In the first two there are women portrayed as skimpy attired, poorly made up, healthily unkempt, low pad sluts. Men as lazy, drunken, stupid, conniving, socially inept.

The last one the women in crossed gendered poor Mexican men. A couple advertising for work.

Did the cast of heehaw have to apologize ?

We're they branded as racists when no race was used. Both enjoying and celebrating a nationalistic social segment.

I say celebrating even though the group in the first two were aid good money and enjoyed fame while they told jokes making light of the lifestyle depicted.

The last group most likely enjoyed examples of the wonderful food of the nation. And their spirits,I bet.

So who are the evil ones.

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Trying to figure out what you're getting at. Could you put it in context?
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The national sorority suspended the local chapter because of the shenanigans; and PSU itself, in a very nicely worded message from the president, supported the rights of the individuals to self-expression and at the same time pointed out the obvious (to me, MrB) insensitivity of the costumes and the signs. As to the difference between the first two links and the third--again, to me it seems obvious. First, the first two represent people who are what they are represented as being; in the third, there are people putting on costumes to represent an ethnic other. A parallel might be for the young ladies to have put on black face. The ethnic other represented by the young ladies is also, quite deliberately given the signs that they are holding, intended to be an economic other as well. I don't know the young ladies, of course, but if they're free to make blanket insinuations about the ethnic other, then I can make blanket statements about them: all of them are spoiled rotten rich bitches who've never had to work harder than clipping and painting their toenails, and they are mocking physical laborers as lazy, indolent, pot smoking members of the lower classes.

So am I being harsh in describing the young ladies? Sure.
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This costume would have at least been funny. laugh

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There's a local Amish dude who does a very funny shtick on the Amish. Sort of looks like that picture, Gary. But you should have seen it when an English (as the Amish say) tried to do the same thing!
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Well after Paterno and Sandusky, this looks intelligent and humane !! (not really)

BUT - PSU has a long way to go to redeem itself IMHO. mad
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The cast of Hee Haw celebrated hayseeds. The sorry sorority girls are making fun of Mexicans.

Yoyo was very measured and respectful in his reply. Count yourself lucky, Mr B.

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Originally Posted By: Lea


I had to google that. grin
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On Mr.B's original post, I think that the ongoing political correctness contoversy of sports team names & their mascots will keep coming up in the news too. The Scott Brown staffers that mocked Elizabeth Warren with the war chanting and tomahawk air-chopping defined a tipping point in that campaign.

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Actually, I'm not quick to assume that they were making fun of the Mexican culture. They were having a "Mexican" night. Everything as Mexican, I suppose. I bet tey had Mexican food and Mexican booze also. Also celebrating Mexican. Sure they had some laughs.

But since they were almost all white Caucasian girls, and this was a sorority , thus an exclusive, gathering they get the axe.

If the mix were some African American , Asian and some brown skin girls then it would have been alright.

If that were the case then even the two signs would have been given a bye.

Hey, this is my opinion. I could be wrong

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The 2 derogatory signs were my clue that it wasn't just "Mexican night".
And why would snotty rich sorority white girls be having Mexican night?
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When Chris Rock makes fun of his race, there's no issue. When Kid Rock does it, on the other hand . . . .

Let me also add that you're right to say that the photo implies, assumes, makes fun of the idea that Mexican culture is serapes, yard work, beer, and pot.

About beer and pot, I'd say that maybe Americans ought to look in the mirror. Oh--that's harsh, cause there's more than beer and pot heads in the US.


So also for Mexico, which is a very sophisticated nation, with a very sophisticated history and culture, but which has the unfortunate reality of finding itself sharing a long border--a war-created border--with an 800-pound gorilla.