Posted by: steveg

YES!!! - 11/21/12 07:05 PM

Let's hope it holds
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: YES!!! - 11/21/12 07:16 PM

Never send a man to do a Hillarys job...!
Excellent news!
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: YES!!! - 11/21/12 07:58 PM

Appropriately, something to be giving thanks for... no blood shed, at least for the moment.
Posted by: DLC

Re: YES!!! - 11/21/12 08:05 PM

Well she gave them the same look she did when Bill told her about Monica ....

neither side dared to take her on then! "yes ma'am! " laugh
Posted by: steveg

Re: YES!!! - 11/21/12 08:24 PM

Too many civilians especially kids killed already. But hopefully, no more now.
Posted by: garyW

Re: YES!!! - 11/21/12 10:43 PM

The way I see this is that the US diplomatic team leaveraged Egypt (new Muslim Brotherhood leadership) against Hamas . effectively teaming Egypt in support of Israel. This is a major deal. If Hamas breaks the treaty then they have to answer to Egypt.

Of course FoxNews is reporting Obama has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood to delegitimize Israel, that Obama has chosen to support Hamas! Somehow this quick diplomatic success is an Obama failure, even with Netanyahu praising Obama and Clinton. crazy

CNN was just intervewing an Israeli ballistics expert who is collecting all of the fallen missiles and their debris. He explained that most all of them are "homemade" in Gaza and are really crude, although they do carry explosives. Switch the channel to FoxNews and they are reporting that all of the missiles are supplied by the Iranian military .

Posted by: Mike

Re: YES!!! - 11/21/12 11:03 PM

I give it three days, maybe a week max. It's a 'cease fire', nothing more.
Posted by: musicalmarv7

Re: YES!!! - 11/22/12 10:59 AM

To bad she will leave her post as Secretary of State in Jan when her term comes to an end.She was an excellent Secretary of State and was a real asset to the Obama administration.
Posted by: DLC

Re: YES!!! - 11/23/12 04:05 AM

Yep- it's the Fox News Bastids that want us in another costly, f-ing war...

OH but we must reduce our deficits !! mad