Why is Gallup so much different?

Posted by: Mike

Why is Gallup so much different? - 11/06/12 11:28 AM

Even though just about any and every poll predicting Obama as the winner in the presidential election, Gallup 'begs to differ'....

"PRINCETON, NJ -- President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are within one percentage point of each other in Gallup's final pre-election survey of likely voters, with Romney holding 49% of the vote, and Obama 48%. After removing the 3% of undecided voters from the results and allocating their support proportionally to the two major candidates, Gallup's final allocated estimate of the race is 50% for Romney and 49% for Obama."

(Of course, Rasmussen has always been different.) crazy
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Why is Gallup so much different? - 11/06/12 12:02 PM

Partially due to they suspended daily tracking...