Rick Santelli, meet Joe the Plumber

Posted by: newkojak

Rick Santelli, meet Joe the Plumber - 02/22/09 10:01 PM

Call this a lesson in the making of a Republican folk hero.

Rick Santelli gets a moment on CNBC while among a bunch of his buddies on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He uses it to get all worked up about scapegoating some straw man that he drew up so that he could smugly cry to President Obama in a clip that almost everyone has seen. In the meantime, he becomes something of a folk hero to anyone who likes his target, even if they don't necessarily buy his message.

He's just another Joe the Plumber... a guy whose message has nothing to do with facts or statistics, but is just someone who can more or less get all worked up based on a hunch that he's always had. Let me tell you a dirty secret about Chicagoans too... we have all met one of those guys who works on the floor of the CBOE and we all think they are assholes who have two favorite hobbies, pretending that they support Ron Paul, and misogyny.

At the core of Santelli's message is no solution. There is no bright idea. There is simply a finger pointed at someone else.

If you love this guy, and hate Keith Olberman (or the other way around), congratulations! You're someone's target audience.
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Re: Rick Santelli, meet Joe the Plumber - 02/22/09 10:39 PM

I can't stand KO and I don't like Santelli, either. I'll bet good money there's a huge target audience sized group of people who intensely dislike both men.