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12,146,444 views and growing... - 11/01/08 03:27 PM

Dear Mr. Obama<br><br>YouTube's Most Popular Election Video<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>keep the change
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Well, I am sure Obama had some over the top ads also, but this is crap. This is an attempt to turn the attention from the Iraq war in the big picture to the individual soldier. I don't know of anyone who will say the the soldiers shouldn't be given their due and support but that is not the point. We shouldn't have been in Iraq in the first place. None, Not, nada. We would have been better off attacking Cuba. Cuba would have made much more sense. <br><br>that is the point. Every day there are people in the Military and their superiors who sit around tables deciding where we should deploy our troups. They chose Iraq back in Bush's early part of his term. Why did they choose Iraq? The reasons they gave and changed and changed again were all bogus? <br><br>This crap about promoting freedom is so bogus. We don't attack countries to promote freedom. If we did then why haven't we attacked, Cuba, North Korea, China, Severl south American nations, Haiti, Domincan Republic and many others, like Russia. So this is bogus reason for attacking Iraq. <br><br>I am very sorry this soldier has lost his leg. Truly sorry. I am quite sure he lost it trying to save his fellow soldiers. He should be proud to have sacrificed so much. I am proud of him and would gladly buy him a steak dinner. But what does that have to do with staying in Iraq and having more soldiers die and lose their limbs. Will that make his sacrifice that much more deep? <br><br>What is going to happen if we stay in Iraq another 5 years? I woujld say in that time Iraq will be much like it is now: Unsafe to travel in all but a few areas. What is going to happen after we leave in 5 years? IMO, it will be a civial war with possible Syria and Iran getting into it. What would happen now if we left Iraq. Well, about the same. The difference is the lives and money we will have thrown into this caldren of hell. I say bring our folks home now and let them sort it out. It's going to happen so let it happen now.<br><br>This is the number one reason I am voting anti-republican this time. And if those bastard democrats don't come through I will be lambasting them also. I know some won't but I sure will for what it's worth.<br><br>But this video is lame.<br><br><br><br>dave<br><br><br><br>