A more rational health care system

Posted by: katlpablo

A more rational health care system - 10/10/08 12:44 AM

Two weeks ago, at the end of September, on a sub-branch of the thread "Russia and Venezuela" the subject of the Cuban health system came up once again, this time with regards to their Emergency Response Medical Teams that have been deployed on occasion all over the world.<br><br>In that thread [color:red]margadagio</font color=red> said:<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Cuba has a world class emergency response team always ready to go where needed. They have been deployed to many Central/South American countries after some horrific natural disasters.<br><br>Cuba has THE best emergency planning. They've been hit numerous times by some significant hurricanes yet their total death tolls in the last decade can be counted as less than 10. I've never hesitated to go to Cuba in hurricane season since I know if the shiit should hit the fan I'm well cared for. I sure as hell wouldn't be anywhere in the US with an approaching hurricane.<hr></blockquote><br><br>A few days later Fidel Castro exceeded margadagio's praise when he wrote the article &#8212;that I recommend all those interested to read&#8212;; "The goal that cannot be renounced" in which he maintains "without the least bit of chauvinism" that "Cuba has the best medical care in the whole world". <br><br><br>The article starts with the Cuban health specialists abroad:<blockquote>"Around 35,000 Cuban health special...p;#8230;]".<br><br> </blockquote><br><br>Castro describes the system and how it developed in step with the needs and the available resources and, among other things, enumerates the 10 basic services of the actual version of their health care program:<blockquote>"The basis of the aforementioned su...useholds.".<small><small>[[color:green]em</font color=green>phasis by katlpablo]</small></small></blockquote><br><br>Using the 'rationalization' of the medical system in Cuba as an example, Castro submits that people "are able to rationally organize the society".<blockquote>"I think that there is no alternati...mp;#8212;".</blockquote><br><br>A more rational organization of our societies, of the economy and production, of our utilization of the world's resources&#8230; is necessary.<br><br> <br><br><br><br><br>Digital Granma International has Español (original), English, Français, Português, Deustch and Italiano editions of "Reflections of Fidel Castro", the section from where the above linked quotes/articles by Castro are taken.<br><br>