Casting my vote

Posted by: lanovami

Casting my vote - 09/23/08 09:25 PM

My absentee ballot came in the mail yesterday. Hee! Obama is first choice on the list, followed by McCain (liberal bias?). I feel like a 98 pound weakling when his Charles Atlas workout plan finally turns up. I almost wanted to take a picture of the ballot with a check on Obama and post it. But I began to think that I might violate some law and invalidate my vote or something, so I decided against it. Gotta go, I'm starting to hyperventilate...<br><br>PS Now what if in the interim after I voted, I found out that Obama and his wife actually owned not one, but TWO cars? Egads!<br><br>We are STILL what we repeatedly do. -Aristotle
Posted by: carp

Re: Casting my vote - 09/23/08 10:35 PM

Good for you but I would wait until AFTER the debates , I was surprised the ballots went out this early <- wait , I am surprised the debates are this late.<br><br>As for the cars Obama has 2 both Escalades they just penciled in "Hybrid" on the side and the dumb arse media fell for it Really I don't give a shiit about who owns how many cars and or what make and model they are unless your name is Al Gore.<br><br>