Liberal Media!!! (for Matt)

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Liberal Media!!! (for Matt) - 07/26/08 06:30 PM

Okay so Matt rattled of this this, and this post, dancing around the idea of a "liberal media" without ever answering this question.<br><br>So here are the questions of the day. If the media is "liberal"...<br><br>Why is it?<br>How does it work?<br>Who is responsible?<br><br>Everyone who has written at length about media bias answers these questions. It would seem that in order to go around crying about how "NBC Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, NPR, PBS, he Chicago Tribune, The Sun Times, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, The Miami Herald, The Baltimore Sun, The Denver Post, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Detroit News, The Portland Oregonian, The Seattle Times etc .. " (source) have a coordinated and "understood" liberal media bias, you would have to back that up with at least a little bit of explanation.<br><br>-- Cee Bee Double-U
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Re: Liberal Media!!! (for Matt) - 07/26/08 07:02 PM

Well I won't get sucked into his threads - waste of time... oh I posted a short note on one... but he and his tag team partner are blowing smoke cause the GOP conservatives have NOTHING on Obama and their fearless fascist leader has fscked the GOP up royally. McBush can't shake is image of the fearless fascist leader's shadow... so they are real frustrated and resort to becoming Gramm whiners.<br><br>Point is journalism in this country is almost dead... most everything is spun one way or the other. How is Fox "fair and balanced"? How are the other networks NBC, CBS, and ABC unbiased ? How many right wing talking heads are there on radio ? How many are progessive?<br>Damm about the most balanced news I can get is from the BBC or by researching the Internet ! <br>anything domestic you have to filter, filter and filter ... and use tons of NaCl <br><br>I can tell you why much is very conservative - like Fox. <br>1. owned by wealthy conservatives like Rupert Murdoch<br>2. they want to further big business and corporate interests over those of the ordinary citizen.<br>3. they want govt. deregulation so they can conduct business any way they want.. .ie 1880's (time of the Rockefellers, Carnegies, etc) or 1930's style (treat workers as Midieval serfs )... and build monopolies... <br><br>so I'll await their answers New.<br><br>David (OFI)
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Re: Liberal Media!!! (for Matt) - 07/26/08 07:50 PM

Pot Stirrers <br>Always baiting the hook and fishing.....ask a pot stirrer a question to explain a post and what do you get ? Well Matts little word that I quess is his signature has already answered that for us .........nuttin<br><br><br>
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Re: Liberal Media!!! (for Matt) - 07/26/08 08:12 PM

i liked the liberal media better when they were spending a month talking about the Rev. Wright. that was awesome.<br><br>--<br>[color:red] Kansas Jayhawks -- 2008 National Champions </font color=red>
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Re: Liberal Media!!! (for Matt) - 07/26/08 08:30 PM

<i style="color: teal; font-size: 900%; font-family: 'Optima'">BINGO![/i]<br><br><br>[color:green]"...or am I a butterfly that's dreaming she's a woman?"</font color=green> <br>
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Re: Liberal Media!!! (for Matt) - 07/26/08 10:02 PM

Well, those are results. I'm much more curious about the inner workings of this thing that Matt is describing. I have yet to hear anyone give a plausible explanation or any kind of solution other than having the news media hate the same people the viewer does.<br><br>-- Cee Bee Double-U