Obama "platform" gimmick or real?

Posted by: newkojak

Obama "platform" gimmick or real? - 07/08/08 08:42 PM

BarackObama.com: Listening to America<br><br>This is actually kind of exciting. I remember reading the Democratic Party Platform in 2004 prior to the election. It was kind of interesting as far as any highly public document is concerned. Whether or not the Obama campaign and the DNC are actually paying attention to what volunteers are saying is one thing, but the idea is pretty cool. I'd be curious to show up to a meeting just to see who is there or at least how they are planning to structure the thing.<br><br>At the very least, Sen. Obama's campaign has turned people on to what is possible in terms of organizing. It really makes me wonder what the Republicans could have done if they had a candidate with a true bottom-up campaign. It will probably happen in the next cycle. Some Republican is going to figure it out and his or her platform is going to be radically different than anything we have seen from Republicans this year.<br><br>If nothing else, Sen. Obama's campaign technique has changed politics totally.<br><br>-- Cee Bee Double-U