Interesting move by Obama

Posted by: newkojak

Interesting move by Obama - 05/15/08 03:25 AM

Politico - Obama: Don't fund independent groups<br><br>This is the first time in recent history that a major candidate has expressly told people not to support the 527 organizations. Earlier in the campaign, I was a little worried about Obama accepting (even if he did not solicit) some of the support he received from the unions that endorsed him. I worried that he would sack the spirit of his campaign for any advantage he could get.<br><br>Now in a political season where anti-war indie groups would likely see a windfall of contributions with the savvy and ability to do endless hatchet hit-jobs on the Republican opponent, Sen. Obama says no.<br><br>Wow... that's a bit of backbone right there. For a while it appeared as though he and McCain would run their usual campaigns while secretly hoping that the next Swift Boat ad would percolate up on their side. I wonder what Sen. McCain will do. He has been taking money from the same hitjob artists that sacked him in 2000 and cozying up to the whole Bush money establishment. McCain might not play dirty himself, but is he courageous enough to do something about the tenor of this campaign on his side?<br><br>-- Cee Bee Double-U