you'd think i'd of liked mccaine...

Posted by: ichi

you'd think i'd of liked mccaine... - 02/21/08 11:51 PM

<a href="">except for one major aspect of his personality</a>: "I enjoyed shooting rockets and dropping bombs and shooting off guns." --and he volunteered to that over Vietnam. hell, it was "in" his whole family... so he didn't rebel against that, in fact, i'd of seen mccaine not for rebel but for punk ass bully, so while he may have fooled me, had i known the young man, i'd of lost interest real quick in someone who wasn't rejecting the status quo, the establishment.<br><br>i mean, i went to HS with the grandson of Nimitz and many others of the same ilk. where navy fighters flew over about every 15 minutes, from carrier to NAS and back. my best friend's father was the commander of the first F4 squadron and later navigator of the USS JFK --we went aboard as the Forrestal sat blow to "bits" (it looked that way) by a fire created by a loose rocket, in the next dry dock. <br><br>"if you wish to fear nothing, consider that everything is to be feared." <br><br>[color:red]Libertarian Communist</font color=red>