You're all going to die...

Posted by: drjohn

You're all going to die... - 04/03/06 04:55 PM

from Ebola<br>"AUSTIN— A University of Texas professor says the Earth would be better off with 90 percent of the human population dead."<br><br>He also says, "Thou Shalt NOT use an IBM PC."<br><br>Not really politics...or is it? <br><br>Crazy biologists! <br><br>Old farts, the hidden caulk of civilization. Jim Atkinson
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Re: You're all going to die... - 04/03/06 05:43 PM

Sure it's political.....that 90% needs to be the non-whacko non-liberal non-treehuggers that need to go. The remaining 10% can demolish all the cities, and then try to figure how to drive their toyota priuses (priii?) on dirt tracks without wrecking the underside <br><br><br>- This is gonna get pretty interesting. <br>- Define "interesting". <br>- Oh, God, oh, God, we're all gonna die..
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Re: You're all going to die... - 04/03/06 06:14 PM

To anyone with a modicum of common sense it is obvious what he believes is true. We are going to have a big knockdown in human population. Population biology shows we cannot go on reproducing at our current rate.<br><br>His timing may be off thought. 90% kill off in a college student's lifetime? It may be worse than that. A one time ebola pandemic would be better than multiple plagues over many years.<br><br>It has happened before. The plague killed off one third of the entire earth's population. Because of our much higher concentration coupled with air travel will make an air transmitted ebola much much worse.<br><br>But he fixates on ebola. There are many more that could mutate and become massive pandemics. Bird Flu could more easily to an air transmitted human to human.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)
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Re: You're all going to die... - 04/03/06 06:43 PM

As a somewhat misguided Paul Ehrlich disciple during the sixties, who elected not to have offspring, I say bring it on. <br><br><br><br>Old farts, the hidden caulk of civilization. Jim Atkinson
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Re: You're all going to die... - 04/04/06 03:57 AM

hate to bring up the hateful past but...<br>IBM, Ford, and... who were they, oh yeah, the Nazi party of 1940's n' before <br>and maybe even now<br>plotting <br>to kill<br>the whole culture of anything Jewish<br>do the research I'm not lying<br>IBM was in on counting prisoners or just Jewish people in WWII<br><br>and<br>what. Where are we today<br>DO THE MATH<br>REALIZE that the TV has taken it's toll<br>stoking the fire of already imbalanced life out there<br>at least in Broward county (bottom of the U.S. next to Dade)<br>Florida.<br><br>Where the buck stops.<br><br>Who's to say our lives as we know them are just set-up's for...
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Re: You're all going to die... - 04/14/06 02:13 AM

As a misguided soul who believed in the invisible pink unicorn's commandment that I shall leave replacements who believe in her (may her hooves never be shod) I say WTF?<br><br><br><br>(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)(__*__)