Your leader's face speaks volumes.

Posted by: TheGreatDivide

Your leader's face speaks volumes. - 12/14/05 10:17 PM

So broken. So ignorant. So lost. So yours.<br><br><br>How many trillions?<br>Like a parasite.<br><br>Scratch the surface!<br><br>Sick Of It All <br>Scratch The Surface<br>Scratch the surface serve a purpose<br>scratch the surface don't waste my time<br><br>Such empty life Such simple sheep night after night<br>herd to the creeps all hidden faults beauty is null<br>such shallow sight barely skin deep<br><br>What is the force that drives the superficial<br>tell me what keeps their minds remaining little<br>so afraid of what they'd see underneath the fantasy<br>so afraid to actually scratch the surface.<br><br>All mirrors hide Big money lies faillure inside<br>big lying eyes that's maybe why eyes are the soul<br>they take so much time big dollar signs<br><br>Impeach, save the Earth. And your wallet.
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Re: Your leader's face speaks volumes. - 12/14/05 11:25 PM

Why are you so biased, oh Great One? <br><br><br>right on, Great !!!<br><br>reminds me when Curley would get that "dazed" look on his face!<br><br>David (OFI)<br>
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Re: Unless you moved out of the country . . . - 12/15/05 02:17 PM

he's your leader too. Just correcting your grammar there, pardner.<br><br>
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Re: Unless you moved out of the country . . . - 12/15/05 07:28 PM

I didn't vote for him, some folks did. They can consider him their "leader." but I certainly don't. He slid into office sideways both times; a lot of folks don't even consider his presidency legitimate.<br><br>Gawd, even if I'd voted for him, his performance the past four years would have me seriously questionin' my choice for a leader.<br><br>Nope, he ain't my leader, he's just ~ shrug.<br><br><br><br><br>[color:blue]And I'm the one that jaded you . . .</font color=blue>
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Re: Unless you moved out of the country . . . - 12/15/05 10:23 PM

If I'm travelling out of the country and someone asks "who's your country's leader", the answer is going to be the President. Doesn't matter if I voted for him or like him or trust him (and I'm a big "no" on all three there), he's still the leader of my country.<br><br>If someone works for Microsoft, they can dislike Bill Gates all they want but he's still their boss.<br><br>
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Re: Your leader's face speaks volumes. - 12/16/05 03:29 AM

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Legalize it and stop the violence my friend - 12/17/05 03:29 AM

Woops, I mean <br>educate, educate, educate<br>facilitate the outlets for the youth<br>cultural smarts in school<br>news media programs parent<br>catch my frequency?<br><br>lemme squelch<br><br>As long as there is no culture of corruption involved with bringing in life and taking it for that matter... OK.<br><br>Alright, alright, thanks. Take care.