Fascism is Near

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Fascism is Near - 03/26/05 07:59 PM

Fascism: 'the domination of government by large corporations driven by<br>right-wing ideology and bellicose nationalism' - that's getting to look<br>pretty familiar."<br><br>Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.<br><br><br>
Posted by: Mississauga

Re: Fascism is Near - 03/26/05 11:49 PM

Near? It's here, baby!!! Duck and cover!<br><br>
Posted by: djstefan

Re: Fascism is Near - 03/28/05 07:14 PM

Meh, everyone said I was crazy when I said that a few years back... then again, crazy people see things normal ones don't... <br><br>_________________________________________<br>Just a different kinda geek...
Posted by: TheGreatDivide

Re: Fascism is Near - 03/28/05 07:19 PM

Voting? Vote or die?<br>Not quite...<br>try organizing then we'll see.<br>We'll see more foreign troops hired to oust the current citizens...<br>ya know, taxpayers...<br><br>or, what are we getting at here?<br>Impeachment?<br><br>
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Re: Fascism is Near - 03/28/05 07:25 PM

<br><br><font size="+4">JOIN US, CRAZY EYE. JOIN US......</font><br><br>
Posted by: TheGreatDivide

Re: Fascism is Near - 03/28/05 07:26 PM

So are you red or blue?<br>Wait, it does'nt matter now right?><br><br>
Posted by: SgtBaxter

Re: Fascism is Near - 03/28/05 07:44 PM

So, what's it called when democrats are in office? Besides the right-wing ideology there's no difference, the government has been driven by large corporations since WWII.<br><br>Unless you're blind to that sort of thing.<br><br>