Sticks and Stones

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Sticks and Stones - 03/09/05 05:18 AM

Stick And Stones<br><br>The United States is in the midst of a very un-civil war. It's a war of words that's pitting conservative against liberal, that's already divided the country into red and blue. The new gladiators are commentators like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter and their forum is the television studios of networks like Fox. It's loud, it's raucous, but does it have anything to do with the truth? 43 min. 2005<br><br><br><br>QuickTime file (78MB)<br><br><br><br>enjoy the show! <br><br><br>i<br><br>
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cool thanks for the QT - 03/10/05 02:07 PM

As a nonCanadian...<br>since I live where they come to vacation... in their nasty speedos<br>fund Castro and his corporate paradise slavery etc...<br>well aside from that<br><br>it's a no brainer that the sticks and stones are being thrown<br>I agree with that <br><br>they're still under a monarchy last time I checked<br>so I guess dem dare kanooks don't know any better<br>interesting to say the least<br>glad they slap this evangelical criminal empire every chance they get<br><br>it's 60/40 w/them<br>like em' dislike em<br><br>
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Re: cool thanks for the QT - 03/10/05 02:47 PM

You speak English? How long have you been keeping this from us?<br><br>