Leonard Peltier Not Guilty

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Leonard Peltier Not Guilty - 02/12/05 11:48 PM

It has become clear that certain factions are maliciously and wrongfully<br>framing Leonard Peltier as a patsy to be falsely blamed for the death of<br>Anna Mae Aquash. First and foremost, let us be clear that Leonard had no<br>involvement in the murder.<br><br>Leonard Peltier has never voiced an opinion as to the innocence or guilt of<br>those charged with Anna Mae's murder. That is fact. Leonard's statements in<br>the past year have not given support to Arlo Looking Cloud or John Graham<br>specifically (or anyone else alleged to have taken part in Anna Mae's<br>murder), but have been solely in support of fairness and due process.<br><br>Leading up to the Looking Cloud trial and then in reporting the trial, the<br>media has embraced the false statements made by Kamook (Banks) Ecoffey and<br>others. It should be noted that Mr. Ecoffey was a key investigator in the<br>Looking Cloud case and carried on a relationship with a key witness prior to<br>trial, a witness who made falsely damning statements about Leonard at trial.<br>By sensationalizing testimony given in that trial, the media has made<br>outrageous accusations about Leonard Peltier that have no foundation in the<br>truth.<br><br>Indeed, the reporting is becoming more outrageous as a host of a Canadian<br>television program recently stated: "At his [Cloud's] trial the question was<br>raised that Leonard Peltier ordered the execution fearing that she was an<br>FBI informer." This statement was an intentional misrepresentation of the<br>facts and is not at all supported by the Looking Cloud trial transcript.<br>This is part of<br>a larger conspiracy to smear Leonard in the press and make him the patsy for<br>the wrongs committed by the FBI and others, some of whom have purported to<br>have been long time supporters of Leonard. We cannot stand and let shadows<br>gutlessly utilize the media to skewer Leonard Peltier to protect themselves,<br>in some instances, and, in other instances, simply to make sure that Leonard<br>remains in prison.<br><br>This has not been the only media attack. In a recent settlement in a civil<br>suit Leonard filed against Paul DeMain (editor of News From Indian<br>Country) - who had also aligned himself with the FBI against Leonard Peltier<br>in implying his involvement in the Aquash murder - DeMain was forced to<br>admit what is common knowledge in The Movement, i.e., that Leonard "had no<br>authority to order the murder," and that he has no evidence that Leonard had<br>any involvement in any way in the murder of Anna Mae. That is fact.<br><br>The recent attacks on Ward Churchill - who has contributed vastly to our<br>knowledge on the FBI's COINTELPRO activities (specifically on how the FBI<br>worked to destroy the American Indian Movement) and who has also served as a<br>spokesperson for Leonard Peltier for many years - is another example of<br>gross media manipulation. Remember that speakers, teachers, writers, and<br>publications themselves were targets of the FBI's counterintelligence<br>program during the 60s and 70s in an attempt to interrupt or prevent the<br>exchange of free ideas and to adversely affect<br>public opinion on activists and dissident groups. These attacks on Mr.<br>Churchill are designed, in part, to discredit Leonard Peltier and the work<br>that has generated vast interest in his case, as well as efforts to win his<br>freedom. People, such as Ward Churchill, have exposed the FBI's disruption<br>of AIM, the Black Panthers, and virtually any person who dares commit the<br>heinous crime of domestic dissent.<br><br>The FBI maneuvered in a very calculated fashion to disrupt AIM and other<br>organizations, and it continues to do so today, as we witness the Kafkesque<br>trial of Leonard Peltier for the death of Anna Mae Aquash in the media. The<br>motives underlying Anna Mae's death were planted by the<br>FBI as part of its co-intelpro activity. It started by the infiltration of<br>AIM by Douglas Durham who infiltrated AIM at its highest levels. He earned<br>the trust of Dennis Banks, Vernon Bellecourt and others whom he used to get<br>information for the government. Because Anna Mae saw through<br>Durham, she became a threat to Durham because, she, like many others did not<br>trust him. Leonard did not trust him and voiced his opinion to Dennis Banks<br>who disregarded it during the first International Treaty Council Convention<br>on the Standing Rock Reservation in 1974.<br><br>The FBI then began targeting and setting up Anna Mae because she had become<br>a threat to Durham's cover and they began a campaign to "bad jacket" her. We<br>know that both the FBI and people within AIM targeted Anna Mae Aquash<br>because of the connection which the FBI created between her and Durham.<br>Shortly after Durham was exposed as an agent of the FBI, Anna Mae became a<br>target because AIM leaders believed she was working with Durham. At this<br>time, AIM leaders resolved to rid AIM of so-called "rats." The fact is that<br>Anna Mae never was a "rat," but the FBI played people and maneuvered to<br>create fear among AIM leaders that she was. This caused great concern to<br>certain members of AIM because she was deeply involved with AIM Leaders. The<br>fear and suspicion became so overwhelming, certain factions decided<br>something had to be done with Anna Mae. Leonard was not involved in any way<br>with the decision making and the death of Anna Mae. In fact, Leonard at this<br>time was a fugitive on the run into Canada, incommunicado with the group<br>that he worked.<br><br>Now we have the John Graham Defense Committee inappropriately using<br>Leonard's statements to bolster support for Graham and also manipulate the<br>media. Indeed, John Graham has falsely associated himself in a relationship<br>with Leonard that does not and never did exist. In an<br>interview with David Melmer on March 02, 2004, Graham falsely stated that<br>shortly after the Oglala firefight, he and Anna Mae ". . .connected with<br>Leonard and them, and they were in the hills there..." However, Mr. Graham<br>did not, at any time, meet or join with Leonard's group. In fact,<br>Leonard Peltier has never met and doesn't know John Graham personally. We<br>now know that Graham's lies are part of a conspiracy and attempt to<br>implicate Leonard in the killing of Anna Mae.<br><br>Four requests were sent to the John Graham Defense Committee asking that all<br>links to Leonard Pettier Defense Committee Web sites and all Peltier<br>statements be removed from the John Graham Defense Committee's Web site.<br>When the private attempts to have these materials removed was ignored, we<br>publicly demanded the removal of all links to the Leonard Peltier Defense<br>Committee Web sites and all Peltier statements. Still, contrary to Leonard's<br>express demands, the John Graham Defense Committee has failed to honor<br>Leonard's wishes.<br><br>Let us be clear. Leonard Pettier had no involvement in the murder of Anna<br>Mae and it has become clear to Leonard that he must distance himself from<br>anyone alleged to have played a role in her death. Leonard must protect<br>himself from unfounded accusations. It is important that we not stand still<br>while Leonard is made the fall guy for yet another crime he did not commit.<br>Leonard has suffered 29 years and we will not stand by and allow him to<br>suffer any further injustice. We have already seen the United States<br>Government present patently false evidence both in Leonard's case and in the<br>Looking Cloud case. Baseless accusations are being made against Leonard and<br>associations being alleged that never existed. It is important that we stand<br>behind Leonard and not let him be framed for yet another incident in which<br>he had no part. It has become clear to Leonard and those close to him that<br>he must remove himself from anything or anyone who has been allegedly<br>connected to Anna Mae's murder. Most importantly is that certain factions be<br>stopped from lying<br>and implicating Leonard. We will not rest until that is done.<br><br><br><br>
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Now read the truth.<br><br>
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Re: Leonard Peltier Not Guilty - 02/13/05 12:27 AM

Yeah,....but...but....but...Bush lied! <br><br>
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And I would bet that you don't think the goverment thru the FBI and other agencies<br>would lie?<br><br>There are political prisoners, Leonard Peltier is just one of many now held in<br>federal and state prisons after being set up by the government. read the book<br>In the Spirit of Crazy Horse by Peter Matthiessen. You might not agree with his<br>view point but at least you will have another side to the story other than the<br>"Official" government hype. <br><br>While we will never find out the truth about Leonard Peltier, JFK, Lee Harvy Oswald, Jack Ruby, Dr. Martin Luther King, Ruby Ridge, Pine Ridge, Viet Nam, Iraq, and other cases in our life time the truth will be told, not the governments truth, but the<br>real truth<br><br>Peace live long Friends<br><br>
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p> And I would bet that you don't think the goverment thru the FBI and other agencies<br>would lie?<p><hr></blockquote><p>No, I think that governments, just like individuals like you and me, lie now and then, and often.<br><br>But when the evidence in an open forum, for all to see, finds Peltier guilty beyond reasonable doubt - no, beyond the most charitable allowance of possible innocence, he is found guilty - then we must conclude that those who persist in advancing his cause do so out of anti-establishment fervor that will maintain, contrary to all evidence, that the system is corrupt, and they are victims.<br><br>So al I can say is: Get a life. Peltier is guilty as sin, and so is Mumia. JFK was murdered by Oswald (after all this time, there has been no evidence to indicate otherwise, no deathbed confessions, whatever), and for all the rest, volumes have been written. Sorry about all of that.<br><br>Now, as I recall, you started this post about Peltier, the Cop Killer. If you want to piss and moan about The System, start another thread.<br><br>
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So Leonard Peltier couldn't have murdered Anna Mae Aquash because he was in Canada - as a fugitive on the run after killing two FBI agents and attempted murder on another police officer?<br><br>I'm just not getting that sympathetic feeling for him.<br><br>
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Soulful people...<br>hear me out<br>well<br>go get Dead Man the DVD w/Johnee Depp<br><br>tell me then<br>we'll chat over the hickory burning.<br><br>Is it not ironic how people are leaning to understanding more about<br>the Indians... and the culture, how they're so fit if they follow their way of life<br>diet, etc... well<br>how ironic it is that people want to study the workings of the Iraqis, Kurds, etc.<br>etc.<br><br>So ironic, biotech can't solve everything.<br><br>
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Is it not ironic how people are leaning to understanding more about<br>the Indians...<p><hr></blockquote><p>Here in Minnesota we've learned a lot about the Indians in the past few years - how they lure us onto their reservations and then steal us blind. <br><br>My Native American friend, Dances With Fat Girls, tells me that they even have a word in their language, which roughly translated, means "place where white people lose rent money, alimony check, and shirt". Their word for that is "casino".<br><br>
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>how they lure us onto their reservations and then steal us blind.<p><hr></blockquote><p>While I think a discussion of legalized gambling is for another time, I'm hard-pressed to sympathize too much with the irate gambler. Anyone who walks in to a casino expecting to win more than they lose has a gambling problem and needs help more than they need to get all pissy about the American Indians running the house.<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey
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Hey...don't forget the cheap cigarettes. I'm not a smoker, but I understand the tribes offer quite the tax-free deal on smokes!<br><br>
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>While I think a discussion of legalized gambling is for another time<p><hr></blockquote><p>Be sure to send out a MeetingMaker when it's time. <br><br>
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Here in Minnesota we've learned a lot about the Indians in the past few years - how they lure us onto their reservations and then steal us blind.<p><hr></blockquote><p><br>That has a lot more to do with people being ignorant, greedy, weak-minded fools than it has to do with "stealing".<br><br><br>
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I put the casinos in the same bucket as cigarettes. Neither offering is good for you, but they are certainly profitable for the seller. So the corporations will do whatever it takes to seduce you and your dollars.<br><br>Granted, an informed consumer can or should be able to resist the come-on. But the job of a savvy advertiser is to identify and overcome the barriers that the consumer may put up. I know that first-hand from all the relationship marketing I've done for a variety of liquor brands (so I guess that makes me a bad guy, too my only thin defense being that RM is more of a "thanks for your business" than "buy, buy, buy").<br><br>I too sneer at these characters that sue the tobacco companies because they chose to smoke for 40 years, and now they're sick. But knowing how some of these companies can set the hook tends to mitigate my scorn for the "victims".<br><br>
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that's odd, because many people in Minnesote support more casinos rather than trying to reduce the number. <br><br><a href="http://www.startribune.com/stories/784/5224935.html">star tribune article</a><br><br>snippet: <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>About three in five Minnesotans believe the state's Indian tribes should be asked to share some profits with the state to keep their monopoly on casino gambling. An equal number favor some sort of metro area casino, if a portion of the profits goes into the state's general fund, a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll shows.<br><br>As several gambling proposals queue up for consideration at the Legislature -- from a harness racing track/card club in Anoka County to slot machines at Canterbury Park to Las Vegas-style gambling at the Mall of America -- public sentiment appears to support expanding gambling in the state, particularly if it can be used as a cure to some of the state's fiscal ills.<br><br>Support for the two proposals is not just wide, it's strongly held, too. Nearly half of those polled strongly support Gov. Tim Pawlenty's negotiating with the tribes for more of the profits from their 18 casinos. About the same proportion -- nearly half -- strongly back a metro-area casino, if part of the profits were to go to the state<p><hr></blockquote><p>--<br>Straw-man rhetorical techniques are the practice of refuting weaker arguments than one's opponents offer. 2 "set up a straw man" or "set up a straw-man argument" is 2 create a position easily refuted, then attribute that position to your opponent.
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You're so cute! <br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey
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I know. <br><br>
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>That has a lot more to do with people being ignorant, greedy, weak-minded fools than it has to do with "stealing".<br><p><hr></blockquote><p> Or, has been said, you can't cheat an honest man.<br><br>I personally have never wasted a dime in an Indian casino, and never will, for various reasons.<br><br>
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WOW Wally I am very surprised that you would not waste your welfare money in the Native American Casino.<br> I see gambling at any casino Native American or white as a personal choice. For me I have been to Vegas and did not feel the need to gamble. Some people feel a need to drink or use drugs or a thousand other addictions I do not aspire to.<br> Native American Casinos in your State do not steal White Peoples Money rather it is White People who make a choice to go to the casino and give away their money due to their personal addiction. Wally your personal addiction seems from your post to be a RACIST! What a shame your are blinded by your hate and can not see that we have a common threat to our freedom. I aspire to join all peoples for one common goal that being PERSONAL FREEDOMS that are quickly being taken.<br><br>
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[censored]. I spent some years in Arizona caring for various Navajo and Hopi peoples, including a month with the IHS in Tuba City, and with the same care and diligence with which I cared for the Anglos. <br><br>And finally, my original post was done in a mood of satire. Sorry you're too high up on your high horse to see that.<br><br>
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"... seems from your post to be a RACIST"<br><br>Many tribes warred against each other and would kill one another on sight. What would you, Hides Behind a False Name, call one indian who hates another indian because of their tribe?<br><br>