american conservative for kerry? HUH? yep.

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american conservative for kerry? HUH? yep. - 10/25/04 05:18 PM

<a href="">link here</a><br><br>the american conservative magazine endorses john kerry. wow! here's just a snippet of their rationale:<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p> If Kerry wins, this magazine will be in opposition from Inauguration Day forward. But the most important battles will take place within the Republican Party and the conservative movement. A Bush defeat will ignite a huge soul-searching within the rank-and-file of Republicandom: a quest<br>to find out how and where the Bush presidency went wrong. And it is then thatmore traditional conservatives will have an audience to argue for a conservatism informed by the lessons of history, based in prudence and a sense of continuity with the American past and to make that case without a<br>powerful White House pulling in the opposite direction.<br><br><br>George W. Bush has come to embody a politics that is antithetical to almost any kind of thoughtful conservatism. His international policies have been based on the hopelessly naïve belief that foreign peoples are eager to be<br>liberated by American armiesa notion more grounded in Leon Trotsky's concept of global revolution than any sort of conservative statecraft. His immigration policies temporarily put on hold while he runs for re-election are just as extreme. A re-elected President Bush would be committed to<br>bringing in millions of low-wage immigrants to do jobs Americans "won't do." This election is all about George W. Bush, and those issues are enough to render him unworthy of any conservative support.<p><hr></blockquote><p><br>--<br>one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -Plato
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Re: american conservative for kerry? HUH? yep. - 10/25/04 06:29 PM

Sort of the converse of why I almost prefer that W win (not that I'm voting for him). If Kerry wins, he's not going to fix anything. He can't. He's no less a corporatist than Bush (just catering to different special interests and corporate needs). And then we'll have all the "told you so"s coming out to say that the continuing problems created by W are actually Kerry's fault. Sometimes things gotta hit rock bottom before they get better—and I'm sure Georgie can take us lower . And when they get worse, George, with his Republican-controlled congress (though let's see what happens in a week) won't be able to blame any evil liberals.<br><br>
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Re: american conservative for kerry? HUH? yep. - 10/25/04 06:59 PM

that's certainly one way to look at it. personally, my 2 little children won't allow me to hope that things get worse so that we can try and make them better. i won't wish that upon my family or families in worse shape than mine any day. i want to see the bleeding come to a stop. i want to see the hope we had in the 90s restored.<br><br><br>--<br>one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -Plato
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Re: american conservative for kerry? HUH? yep. - 10/25/04 07:30 PM

I agree with Sean's view on this. I got kids too but I don't think you need to have offspring to hope for a pathway for the USA which does not have to hit rock bottom before things can get better. <br>No revolution is necessary. No matter if three new parties spring into power and take command of the politics it will be the same people running the show. The USA is not a tottering drunkard who needs to hit skid row before we can get it on the 12 step program. Gradual steps. One party slightly better than the other. Then as the American Conservative points out the Republicans will remake themselves into something which. actually espouses conservative values.<br><br>In other years I would agree that the difference between the two major parties was not worth getting worked up about. But not this time.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>luciferase is a four nineteener
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Re: american conservative for kerry? HUH? yep. - 10/26/04 12:10 AM

That sounds like the Yippie Party approach to things, as in the title of ABbie Hoffman's "Steal This Book." Make things bad enough and people will rebel and change things fundamentally. Yip yip yippie becomes yup yup yuppie <br><br>
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Re: american conservative for kerry? HUH? yep. - 10/26/04 02:02 AM

I had always suspected that there was some kind of conservative rebellion to the current GOP leadership, but I never thought it would have a voice. A Bush win, while good for the Republicans in terms of power, is only going to corrupt the party even more. Look at what has gone on in the first term. The Republican bills are all drafted in secret and votes rushed before the opposition can introduce amendments or even read the legislation. The House vote on Medicare was forced open while Tom DeLay's men worked bribes on the floor of Congress. Homeland Security was called on opposition state assemblymen in Texas for exercising their Constitutional right to protest a vote.<br><br>Bush and DeLay may be good at concentrating power, but they are quickly ruining the very soul of the Republican Party, or whatever was left after the Monica Lewinsky ordeal.<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey<br>