Bush relatives for Kerry

Posted by: newkojak

Bush relatives for Kerry - 10/21/04 04:41 PM

There have been a few sort-of-crockpot political support groups to pop up over this election cycle, and fortunately for our entertainment, the Internet gives them all a platform to speak on. This one is kind of funny...<br><br>Bush Relatives for Kerry dot com<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey<br>
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Re: Bush relatives for Kerry - 10/21/04 05:15 PM

That is funny. I'd be interested in knowing what each of them do for work. I'm guessing they all work in education.<br><br>
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Re: Bush relatives for Kerry - 10/21/04 06:52 PM

"Red Sox fans for Kerry" I like that but isn't it redundant?<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>luciferase is a four nineteener
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Re: Bush relatives for Kerry - 10/21/04 07:19 PM

teachers hate NCLB. Even the conservative teachers i teach are not happy with the law. and, dubya doesn't see the problems so we aren't likely to see any fixes. just yesterday in this area Jenison High School was identified as being a failing school -- they didn't meet annual yearly progress. the funny (or sad) thing about this is that Jenison was chosen by Newsweek magazine last year as one of the top high schools in the nation. their reputation caused a lot of parents of students with disabilities to move into the district or transfer in. most students in special education are required to take the same test that the general education students take and the students with disabilities obviously don't do as well. because of this, the scores fell this year. the administrators even pointed out the higher enrollment of students with disabilities as a culprit (far greater than a typical school of that size). good thing we moved out of that district last year. it's a failing school despite being a top school in the nation. <br><br><br>--<br>one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -Plato