Jimmy Carter on Fresh Air (NPR)

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Jimmy Carter on Fresh Air (NPR) - 10/21/04 04:25 PM

Right now, Teri Gross is talking to Jimmy Carter about fair elections and reform right now on NPR's Fresh Air. I'd say more than any other president, Jimmy Carter is by far the most interesting ex-president alive today on terms of international diplomacy and electoral matters. There is just something special about a leader who leaves the White House, but never stops public service.<br><br>NPR: Fresh Air<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey<br>
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Re: Jimmy Carter on Fresh Air (NPR) - 10/21/04 11:13 PM

He's interesting, all right. Interesting in how one of our very worst presidents turned into a meddlesome old fart.<br><br>
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Re: Jimmy Carter on Fresh Air (NPR) - 10/21/04 11:27 PM

Jimmy Carter gets my admiration for his work with Habitat for Humanity. <br><br>Past that, Jimmy Carter is the father of Islamic terrorism...his four-year tenure in the Oval Office was the single greatest 48-month foreign policy disaster of our time. Since then, the work the Carter Center has done to prop up and legitimize third-world dictators around the world is despicable. <br><br>It's good enough for the rest of the world, however, which awarded him the Nobel Appeasement Prize <br><br>
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Re: Jimmy Carter on Fresh Air (NPR) - 10/22/04 02:28 AM

Funny how differently different people see the same set of events. Not that the hostage crisis wasn't a disaster--I'm with you on that. But I wouldn't lay the blame for the upsurge of militant Islamicists at Jimmy Carter's doorstep. For me, that's a little like saying that Roosevelt was responsible for WW II.<br><br>