THE Center for PUBLIC, at your serviz

Posted by: TheGreatDivide

THE Center for PUBLIC, at your serviz - 09/30/04 05:52 AM<br><br><br>Hrmmm, why the .png image?<br>Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :<br>The Center for Public Integrity  (B22872-OR)<br><br>910 17TH ST NW FL 7<br>WASHINGTON, DC 20006-2606<br>US<br>Phone: 202-466-1300<br>Fax: 202-466-1101<br>Record expires on 13-Mar-2010<br>Record created on 19-Oct-2002<br>Database last updated on 08-Jul-2004<br><br>So the spokesman on CSPAN that brought up this super duper site of truths and such... he mentioned the largest beneficiary of the war so far was 'PMA' group...<br>hard to find on his site though, allot to bit at once.<br>They need one of these:<br><br><br>Look deep in those deceiving eyes,<br>they'll be up there on your TV @ 9PM.093004<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>