Justification for the War

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Justification for the War - 09/26/04 02:32 AM

I'm interrested in knowing whats the justification for the war is in Iraq? Heres what I have so far.<br><br>"WMD's". <br>None found. Perhaps we should look in North Korea or Israel we may have better luck.<br><br>"Establishing a Modern Peaceful Democracy in the Middle East"<br>There are already democratics countries in the middlle east Turkey and Israel.<br><br>Links to Al Qaida<br>Hardly any initally but, there flowing in now through Syria and Iran.<br><br>Global war on terrorism.<br>Fighting terrorism is like fighting the war on drugs you can arrest or kill all the drug dealers (terrorist) you can but it doesn't undermine the ideology or motives of the movement.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: Justification for the War - 09/26/04 03:39 AM

I think I started the exact same thread a few weeks back with the one difference being that my analogy to the war on terror was to a war on farts instead of drugs. <br><br>
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Bush's list - 09/26/04 03:53 AM

1. The War on Terrorism linked to 9/11. Initial attempts were made by the Bush administration to link Hussen to 9/11 and that terrorist attack on the U.S.<br><br>2. To stop the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction.<br><br>3. Violence against women and the citizens of Iraq<br><br>4. The "evil" of Saddam Hussein (axis-of-evil, evil dictator)<br><br>5. Saddam Hussein was "the world’s most brutal dictator”<br><br>6. Iraqi violations of UN resolutions.<br><br>7. Iraq's capabilities to threaten it's neighbors.<br><br>8. The Middle East situation could not be any worse and the world should not live in fear (Bush 2002q).<br><br>9. Lack of inspections<br><br>10. Liberate the Iraqi people and deliver freedom<br><br>11. Regime change<br><br>12. Revenge<br><br>12. The safety and security of the world<br><br>13. The commitment to the children<br><br>14. Preservation of peace<br><br>15. Hussein was a "threat to freedom"<br><br>16. Disarmament of a dangerous regime<br><br>17. Destruction of Hussein's aresenal<br><br>18. Iraq's potential to sell weapons to terrorists<br><br>19. Consequences of failure to comply with resolutions<br><br>20. Saddam might launch a nuclear attack<br><br>21. Iraq poses a threat on the ground<br><br>22. Containment was not working<br><br>23. To stop Saddam Hussein before he could attack<br><br>24. Iraq had relations with terrorists<br><br>25. Rumsfeld said that a conflict with Iraq would not disrupt<br>the war on terror, there should not be a smoking gun, deterrence would not work, and inspections were not the goal (Rumsfeld 2002aa).<br><br>26. To bring Democracy to Iraq<br><br>27. To bring Democracy to the region and serve as an example<br><br>28. To secure the oil resources.<br><br>29. Saddam had invaded before and would invade again.<br><br>30. Saddam had threatened and might attack Israel.<br><br>31. So we don't have to fight terrorists on the streets of America<br><br>32. We are safer with Saddam in prison.<br><br>33. If I have to choose between taking the word of a "Madman" and protecting the American people, I choose the American people everytime.<br><br><br><br><br>
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Re: Bush's list - 09/26/04 05:17 AM

A lot of these reasons can be said of North Korea also. Perhaps we should have more of our focus there. They have an active weapons of mass destruction program and yet no one seems to care.<br><br>
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Re: Bush's list - 09/26/04 03:27 PM

North Korea is a horse of a different color. In that situation we have several nations who are better able to take a lead role, and can apply more pressure diplomatically than we can. China is a big one. China finally managed to get membership in the WTO, after years of trying. They are not about to jepardise that over N. Korea. They will lean on them hard and snap them back in line. N. Korea will not screw around with China, and we have China on our side on this one. Better to let them handle it. Iraq was another story. 12 years of failed diplomatic efforts left little choice, and non of the other Arab states were willing to apply any pressure. Europe was too busy getting rich off the oil for food program, so they didn't want any ragime change. That left only us to deal with him.<br><br><br>Salus populi suprema lex
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Korean film list - 09/27/04 02:26 AM

Wanna see a great Korean movie<br>rent, or try to find, 'Tell Me Something'<br>serial killer flick<br>great twist at the end<br>makes ya think<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>
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Here's a good one . . . - 09/27/04 05:38 PM

<br><br>****************<br><br>[color:blue]VOTE</font color=blue>[color:red] for President George W. Bush on November 2, 2004</font color=red>
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Here's THE SAME OLD SONG! - 09/28/04 01:53 AM

Why go backwards to those oldie flix?<br>It's a whole new world out there,<br>and North Korea is China's new Ace...<br>well, fuggetabout it pal<br>I'm done w/this virtual crap<br>good luck<br><br>If you get down and quarrel everday<br>you singing praise to devil's I say<br>why not help eachother along the way<br>make it a little bit easier<br>can't live that negative 'Bush' way<br>make way for the positive day <br>-Marley influence<br><br>Dalai Lama for world president<br>Jah Love protect us.<br>If it was only so easy<br>to be a regular person, human<br>rather than an enemy combatant, <br>I mean, 'on the watch' of the current admin<br>that's what I am<br>a mind of influence through art that is able to be tried by the patriot act standards...<br>do the homework and see<br>the neonazi's are all over the place<br>need I say more<br>http://boycottbush.net<br>leave this Babylon!<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>