Religious & XXX freedumbs? Buchanan and cable TV

Posted by: TheGreatDivide

Religious & XXX freedumbs? Buchanan and cable TV - 09/15/04 11:55 PM

Opposing systems, antidepressent pills n suicide, returning to reality from the earth's supply for man made product and overflow have made him lost, opposing carriers of the same damn thing canceling each-other out, crunching debt, a thousand here a thousand dead there...<br><br>Today John Hanford whom is:<br>State, who's state? department Ambassador (?) at large (where?) for religious CheVerizonron sponsored free-dumbs (ritual money making) says that CPC's Countries Poopoo Caca are the ones that disrespect/oppress religious freedoms, torture them etc...<br><br>Again today: on the brain drain cable clear channel called scomcaster<br>Sir Patrick (red tie fronting) Bufurdcannon aka Pewcannon was on the John Steward Daily 'comedy central' Show??? err sum free for all speak easy and bs a bunch of suit and ties with crazy talk about 911 coins for sale made from the silver from the wreckage tragedy thanks to one of it's comedians (or are they common sense folk that point out the idiocy of today), anyhow bottom line Pat is an ex-Klansmen and John Stewart is Jewish and the religious faith based bull money corporate explosive supermodel mold and flooding of hysteria with guns, drugs, jewels and land grabs... did I say guns killing kids, OK...<br><br>w/all that I fold for now<br>perhaps get into art school and create visions we'd like to know as humans.<br>For the visions of these leaders is far too gone and absurd for the likes of this free thinker, <- F_ck worshiping, I'll listen only if it's positive. Beware the fault of greed, indeed time is running thin.<br><br>Cancel out the lies.<br>Breath you fkrz.<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>