The "Green zone"

Posted by: Trog

The "Green zone" - 09/13/04 05:19 AM

Interesting piece about the so-called "Green zone" in Iraq. An odd sort of community has arisen from it. Its also an incredibly political place, no doubt.<br><br>Article is here.<br><br><br>Here's a snippet:<br><br>"To some, the Green Zone feels like a vast isolation chamber. One recent night at a saloon called The Bunker, a resident contractor asked, "So, what's going on out there in Iraq anyway?" He hadn't left the Green Zone in six months. "It's like Plato's republic in here, all of these well-meaning, smart people who want to do the right thing," says one security contractor and Green Zone regular. "But they never leave here and they have no idea what's happening in the country they're supposed to be building. It's totally absurd."<br><br>